Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today I am the meanest mother!~

What is it with my children and their messy rooms! Brittainy had the worst room ever and Timmy seems to be following in her footsteps!

Today I spent over two hours helping him clean his room. I took three garbage bags of JUNK out. Between the cleaning, the crying and the frustration on my part we finally got it done!

What I don't understand is that we keep 90% of his toys in bins in the basement and he doesn't have that much in his room so how does it get that messy!

I took a big bag full of books to bring to school. He hasn't read them and they are beyond his interest level now. I also took some of his toys that he doesn't play with to bring to school.

Wait until he finds out that the basement "toy store" is next on the list! The wailing might be heard clean across the country!

take care,


debi said...

Oh, how I feel your pain! Did you hear a lot of "But I might want to play with that again sometime!" (Always a common refrain here, despite the fact that said toy hasn't been touched in a year or so.)
Anyway, congratulations! But it feels mighty good to have it done...for you anyway, if not for Timmy.

Sarah said...

The meanest mom wouldn't have helped! Don't worry - He'll survive the basement clean out too.