Saturday, May 13, 2006

Limber I'm not!

This morning I woke up feeling just like this lady here!!! I can't walk! My hip is aching and each step is a bit of pain accompanied by a limp! I managed to go grocery shopping but came home to rest! Still no relief! As I was waiting for Rich to cook dinner it finally came to me! I know the reason for my pain!!1

Each spring we meet the incoming kindergarten children and spend a "mini" day with the children. We let them play, read them a story, do an art activity and a little song and dance before they go home. We do this for five different groups of children. It is a long day but exciting at the same time! This year was no exception. We had a chance to meet all of the children. We read a story called "Cookies Week" and then make a cat puppet. The hour ends with a song of Hap Palmer's called Sammy. We had a little extra time each session so we also played the song Touch. It starts out saying touch your fingers to your toes, touch your wrist to your knee, touch your elbow to your stomach (no trouble there!) and touch your nose with your toes. Here I am 45 years old so proud of the fact that I can still touch my nose with my proud in fact that I did it about 8 times throughout the course of the day! Today I am paying the price. It is not pretty getting old LOL!

take care,


me said...

Oooo, ouch! LOL, yup, that ol' flexibility isn't as dependable as it used to be!

Take care of you, hope a nice warm bath loosened it up for you.

debi said...

O.K....I admit it...I had to see if I could do it myself. Proud to say I could, but I'll just stick to the one time!
Do hope you're feeling much better by today, so you can have the Super Wonderful Mother's Day you deserve!
Take care of yourself!

Nancy said...

Dawn - get well! take care of yourself!!!

debi said...

Hi there Dawn! It's been a while since you've posted. I've been worrying about you and your family with all the rain and flooding. Sure hope everything's okay with you all! Take care!