Saturday, September 06, 2008

And the winner is......... be announced later in this post! :)

It feels funny not doing a Pink Saturday post. I just know I can't spend 5 hours posting to all that are playing along. I hope all my Pink Saturday friends understand. Maybe when I get back into the swing of things it will be easier.

After school yesterday I printed all the names of the people who have posted this week and place them in my pink heart bowl (hey does that count?).

I had Tim reach in and pull out a winner. Unfortunately he had to pick the one that I spelled wrong in my haste to get the names printed. Darlene, I apologize for the misspelling of your name. That's right. Darlene of Darlene's Days has won the green market bag that I knitted. Also, I should apologize for Tim's filthy hands! BOYS!!!

I really, really, really wish I could have given all you the bag. You make my day when you comment. It's like checking in with an old friend! I felt badly that I couldn't send out 25 bags LOL! I did, however, decide to have a runner up prize for two dishcloths that I have knitted.

The first runner up was Alaura of Cottage Rose

The next was Dana of The Stone Rabbit.

If you ladies would email me with your addresses I will mail your goodies out to you next week sometime.

Thanks for playing!!!

take care,


Jeanne said...

Dawn, I hurried over this AM to see the winner, Congratulations to Darlene. She will be thrilled. I laughed about Tim's hands. Where is the dirt? I am happy for Dana and Alaura too. They will be pleased.

I miss your pink girl. I can't get to everyone on the list. Next time post girl. smile. I totally understand about the time.

Have a nice weekend off.

Love, Jeanne

Smilingsal said...

Oh, Dawn, you should have let that bowl count and posted pink! If you don't get to everyone on that long list, I'm sure it's okay, that is, as long as you get to me!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Darlene said...

WOO HOO...DANCING....SMILING...I WON and I am soo excited. It is my first time to win anything in blog land and I LOVE the market bag. I am SOOO excited. Thanks Dawn and should I say Tim for drawing my name.

Happy Pink Saturday...even though you aren't playing today.. :)

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Dawn. Of course the bowl would have counted. It is a beautiful "pink" bowl.

Congratulations to Darlene, Alaura and Dana. I know for a fact that they are going to love their prizes.

By the way, some cranberry bread would taste great with my coffee.


Oh that bag is so pretty!!! & I am so happy that Darlene is the winner.. she is such a sweetie. I love the pink bowl too.....I have been out of the pink loop too with school starting and all so I am trying to play catch up with my blogging. Hope your school year is going well.
((would you ever consider selling your bags? they are so nice ))

Shelia said...

How nice that sweet Darlene won your bag. She's a jewel and I know she'll love your back. I think your pink bowl counts for Pink Saturday! Have a wonderful day!
Be a Pink sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debi said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!!
But frankly, Dawn, we're all winners in getting to read your blog each day. And I sincerely mean that!
And no need to apologize for Tim's dirty you said "BOYS!"

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Congrats to all the winners! Sorry to hear that you won't be doing Pink Saturday posts for a while, but I totally understand! Take care!


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Congrats on the 300th post and to the winners. Dawn, we are all winners, because we've all won so many new friends through your blog and others' blogs!
And now I KNOW Dana will have a cute story involving the dishcloths and the stone rabbit. I'm sure it will be a doozie,too.
Have a great weekend!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
Congratulations to your winners!
I understand completely about pink sat. If I didn't have a few in draft, I would probably had to miss a few myself.
Have a great day,

dana said...

Wow-weee! I just got home from a loooong day outside in the cold and the damp, but you just warmed me up reeeal fast with that awesome prize. I LOVE knitted dishcoths and I can hardly wait to find it in my mail! Thank you and thank you to the little guy who pulled my name from that sweet PINK bowl!!! (I didn't see a spot of dirt on that little hand!)
Again, congrats on you blogging milestone! I will just chime in with what others have already said--you are a terrific blogger and I always enjoy your posts. Keep up the great work. Dana

Deborah said...

Congratulations to all you lucky gals!

I understand, Dawn. I can't get to everyone either.

I'm leaving for Australia tomorrow morning. See you when I get back!


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn; I am sooooo excited I have never won in a drawing before. Thank you lots Tim for drawing out my name. I am very honored to have won.

I will send you my address.


g said...

Hi Dawn! Your pink bowl should certainly count!

It's fun to visit you even if it isn't an official Pink Saturday post. How kind of you to give out gifts to others.