Sunday, September 07, 2008

An overnight guest and rambling thoughts

I am writing my post on Saturday night for Sunday morning and tonight we are expecting Tropical Storm Hannah to pay a visit. It seems like we are mostly going to get lots of rain and wind. My hope is that we don't loose power or trees!

Edited to add a picture of our backyard this morning. We lost a dead tree. I guess that's not so bad. In case you are wondering about that white piece of wood, it was nailed to the tree when we bought our house. There used to be two (we lost one a while back) and there was a swing between the two trees.

I spent all of Saturday resting. I can't believe how tired I was. Do you ever take naps? I took one yesterday and it was the kind of nap that I knew I needed to wake up and try as I may I just couldn't make myself do it!! I watched three Lifetime movies yesterday but I did get some ironing done while I was watching TV.

Last weekend I bought a new battery for my pedometer. I wore it at school this week. Friday night I added up the miles I had walked in school the last four days and it was 20 miles. No wonder my feet hurt!!

Monday will be the first full day of kindergarten with all the children. They will be so anxious to play and I need to help them learn some of our routines...just a few at a time. It's too overwhelming when you are five! I have an easy day planned for them. Me, well that's another story. The first week is the hardest. If you don't hear from me I have plopped myself in bed!!

I'm wishing you all a wonderful week!

take care,



Jeanne said...

Dawn, how nice to refuel with a nap. I BELIEVE in naps. I have taken them since my babies were born. Of course that went away when I went to work after my youngest turned 10. I am glad you were able to do nothing on Sat. Sometime it just feels good to veg.
I hope you have a good week.


Darlene said...

I hope Hannah passes through quickly and does not knock out your power...I hate it when the power is out! I too took a nap yesterday...a 2 hour one before we had back to back parties for Lexi to attend. I know you will be exhausted trying to get the new kiddos into your school routine. Hope you have a great first week.

Debi said...

I was thinking about you when I saw where Hannah was heading? Hope you all made out okay!

You have no idea how big a smile I got on my face when I read that you watched 3 movies on Lifetime yesterday! I haven't got to do that for a while...but that is one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy day!

Good luck this week! I'm sure it will be exhausting, but hopefully before long they'll all be settled into a routine and you'll get to start having a bit more fun.

Beverly said...

Well, I guess you can look at the downed tree from a positive perspective. Now you don't have to cut it down - just haul it away. Or, can you burn the wood?

I'm glad you rested yesterday. I was kind of busy. ;-)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
Hope your power didn't go off. That is no fun! We are keeping an eye on Ike now. I'll be glad when hurricane season is over!!

Hope your first day with the kids goes will take time to get used to the new routine!

dana said...

The first few days of school are rough on the kiddos and the teachers alike. A great teacher rememebers how overwhelming it can be for the wee ones---lucky kids to have you.

Your tired tootsies COULD use some Pink Imitation Crocs! ;-)

Have a good weekend and take a nap this P.M. too! Dana

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Glad you fared ok through the storm. I hope you squeeze in another nice nap today; naps are one of my favorite things, such a treat!

Smilingsal said...

I'm happy for you that the storm did not do much damage. A dead tree down is actually a help, isn't it?

I certainly understand the need to nap, especially during the beginning of school. When I worked as a secretary in a school, and teacher groaned about how tired they were, I'd nod and I THOUGHT I understood. But when I began teaching, oh then, I understood. Sometimes, I'd come home, collapse on the couch and sleep until it was time for bed! It's draining work. And, as you say, when a teacher makes plans so that it'll be easy for the students, it's usually quite rough on the instructor.

I'll be praying for you this week.

Shelia said...

Oh, Dawn, I pray all will be safe with you and that ole Hannah will just go away. Poor little tree. Hope you have a wonderful week at school!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Suzie Button said...

Hi Dawn, I hope Hanna and Ike don't bother your home! It also must take a LOT of energy to teach a room full of kindergarteners! You're an amazing woman! Happy Pink Saturday!