Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Favorite Family Fotos

Deborah of Pictures Pots and Pens is hosting Friday's Favorite Family Fotos. I think she is still on vacation this week but I am still playing.

When I was about 7 years old my Uncle John married my Aunt Martha. They were only married for about three or four years (?) when my Uncle died in a car accident. My uncle was my mother's only sibling. After my uncle died my aunt moved on with her life, remarried and had children. We stayed in touch through notes and Christmas cards. That last time I saw my aunt was when Rich and I got married 13 years ago. She came to our wedding. When I got home last Friday I had a card from her in the mail saying she was coming to the Cape this past weekend and was hoping we could get together for a visit. I told my husband. His reply was "you have an aunt?" I told my son. His reply was "you have an aunt?" I told my daughter. Her reply was "you have an aunt?"

Yes, my dear family. I have an aunt and I got to visit with her this past Sunday. It was very nice to see her and I enjoyed talking about family with her. I hope it's not the last time we get to visit!

take care,


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
Hope you are feeling better today! And I'm so glad you got to visit with your Aunt Martha. I love your story about your family! your kids have a great aunt!

Family is so important, and it is always wonderful to reconnect with a family member!

Tracy said...

Hi, Dawn! Hope you've taking it easy and will be feeling better & on the mend soon! :o) Such a sweet, funny story...So glad you got to see you aunt. Family ties are so matter how often we get to see everyone or not, those gentle ties keep us together and are part of who we are. And I'm sure your aunt did not mind a trip to lovely Cape Cod either ;o) (I've always wanted to go to the Cape...hopefully one day!) Be taking good and relax this weekend. ((BIG HUGS))

Beverly said...

Good morning, dear Dawn. You've made it to Friday. I hope you are feeling better today.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit with your aunt. It is always special to be able to share time together. I have an Aunt Martha, too.

Smilingsal said...

It's a wonderful thing that you were able to meet with her and catch up. I hope you rest this weekend.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Wow Dawn, I am glad you got to see your aunt.I didn't know you lived on the Cape. How about showing us around sometime with some pics !

Becky said...

That was a lovely post about your Aunt. They surely do mean alot if you are lucky enough to get one who cares about you. I have had 5.
My Great great great Aunt Bessie was my very favorite. I would spend weekends with her as a teen and we grew very close.
Good memories

Darlene said...

Good Morning Dawn,

I hope you are feeling better today. How great that you got to see your Aunt again after so many years. People seem to slip out of our lives so easily that it is fabulous when you get to re-connect. Great post!

jeanne said...

Dawn, I hope you are feeling better today. Do no feel like you have to visit me today. Go to bed instead. I love you Aunt story. Isn't it wonderful to see her again after all those years? I am happy for both of you.

Hugs, Jeanne

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

You know me, I love family stories, especially happy ones. I'm glad you had a chance to visit and reconnect with your aunt. So many times, we let people drift out of our lives unintentionally; it is nice that Aunt Martha came back into your life!

Deborah said...

I'm back, Dawn!

So glad you carry on while I'm away. Thank you!

How wonderful that you got to see your aunt. It's good you got to reconnect with her...she is part of your family.


Sam said...

I know we're sisters and all but... you have an aunt? I did not know that! Heck... I never knew that you had an uncle! Nobody tells me anything!

Kim's Treasures said...

So glad you got to visit with your aunt! Who knew you had an aunt of all things! It's really nice that you've been able to keep in contact with her all theses years.

Hope you're feeling better today!

splummer said...

Great photo of your Aunt. Isn't it amazing the things our family's don't know? Glad your visit with your Aunt was a happy one! Take Care!!


Joy said...

That is so nice that you were able to visit her after a long stretch. She looks like a sweetheart. :o)

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Dawn; How wonderful for you to be able to see and visit with your Aunt. And how great of her to let you know she was coming to your area so you two could get together.
Have a great weekend.


Grandma Faith said...

Your story strikes a chord in my heart. I have relatives I have not seen in a long time and I wish I could see them. I wish they were bloggers. Then I could know what was going on in their lives. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Take care of yourself and get well soon.

judicreations said...

That is so nice that you got to see this family member..."did you say YOU had an aunt"? I'm glad you had a nice visit with her and hopefully you'll see her again before tooo long.
My family is very small...and its so nice to see someone we haven't seen or heard from for a while.
Hope you are feeling better.
have a nice day

bj said...

ooo, I had so many wonderful aunts at one time. Now, sadly, they are all gone. I miss them a lot ....stay in touch with this aunt. You'll be so glad you did.
love, bj

bj said...

oops, sorry...i meant to ask..what font are you using? it looks so pretty and i would love to use it on my blog...thanks!