Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ban the burning bush!

This Burning Bush was a gift from one of Brittainy's friends a couple of years ago. In the fall the green leaves turn a bright red!!
MASSACHUSETTS has banned this bush from being sold.

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources has announced that as of January 1st, 2006, it will begin to prohibit the sale and importation of 140 species of plants and bushes that it has identified as being "invasive" or "noxious."

Among the outlawed flora is the ubiquitous "Burning Bush" (Euonymus alata), a source of dramatic fall color in many local gardens (including mine!). It can be sold until July 1, 2006, so if you have been thinking of adding this fiery feature to your landscape, do it this spring, while you can still find specimens in local nurseries.

And don't worry, the state has no intention of forming local posses to remove the banned plants, trees, and shrubs that are ensconced on private property! from

Some of my neighbors have HUGE bushes that are simply gorgeous this time of year. I really am looking forward to the time when mine is just as big and just as lovely!

take care,


Darlene said...

I think those are beautiful and haven't heard that they are banned. They do add that fabulous red shot of color when it is sometimes dreary out.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dawn! Love your Burning Bush. I have a few around my yard but I hadn't heard of the ban either. I was happy to read that they weren't going to make people remove them if they already owned them though!!! I love the splash of color they bring in the fall.

marcia, marcia, marcia :)

jeanne said...

Good morning Dawn, here I am with no company to feed. It feels good after two weeks of company to just sit and drink my coffee today. By the way, my dh is still making my coffee every morning. He never made coffee before I had surgery and I am loving it. He even made coffee for our
I love that burning bush. The main highway in Franklin has burning bushes and dogwood trees planted in a solid line down the median. Beautiful. Invasive, I don't see that at all.

Hugs for you today, I'm glad you liked my story. I found it very moving too.

Love, Jeanne

Beverly said...

It is just beautiful, Dawn. So what's the deal? Do they get huge and overtake things - or what?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dawn
REALLY? Oh no! I hadn't heard that around here but we have an environmental program so I am going to have to check on that.
That would be too bad. Its a beautiful bush. Does it stray from our gardens and become invasive I wonder?

Did you mean to say July 2009? Lucky you have one of these soon to be rare specimens.

Have a nice day.

dana said...

I think someone in the Mass. Dept. of Agric. has a little too much time on their hands! HONESTLY! the Burning Bush? It's a beautiful Fall shrub, and yep, it grows, just like any other plant that is healthy. I believe a Citizen's Revolt is in order! :)
Glad you got yours before the ban goes into effect! Do you think people will be stealing other folk's burning bushes and putting them on the"burning bush black market"? OK, I stop.

Hope you have a great day with the little kiddos. Dana

Shabby Kim said...


Just popped in to say Good Morning. Love the burning bush. It's beautiful so I am happy to know that you won't need to remove it. Take care and have a great day.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
That is a beautiful shrub...and a very strange ban! I will have to check on those here and see what I can find out!
Thanks for posting, and hope you are having a wonderful day.

Nola @ Alamo North said...

Wow, that is spectacular! I will have to see if we have them down here in Texas. That color is awesome! If they told me they were banning them, I'd buy all I could find and plant them everywhere; hehe! Are they easy to propagate?

Smilingsal said...

Gorgeous Burning Bush; this is the first time I've seen or heard of it. We have plants and trees that are banned here in Florida. It makes sense because they choke out the native vegetation and grow at such a rapid rate that soon there's nothing else left. One is a yard that is tended, though, is no problem.

Kim's Treasures said...

How odd...I didn't know they spread or overtook the landscape. Unless that's not the concern. They are pretty and I have 3.

Have a happy fall day!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Dawn, Beautiful bush! Shame that it would be banned! Hope your week is going well! :) ~Rhonda

Bella Casa said...

That's interesting because my HUGE burning bush has had gypsy moths the past two years and looks so pitiful. It also is not ina good spot for sun, so it never gets very vibrant red and even if it did, it is not in a spot that we can even see it from the house or from the street...ugh, lol. (The previous owners planted it, so I blame them, lol).

Yours is very pretty :)