Thursday, October 16, 2008

While on the topic of nature....

Yesterday I shared that LOVELY picture of the spider that was visiting me a couple of years back. Today I'm sharing some turtle pictures. One day during the summer of 2004 I was going out to the front yard to turn the sprinklers on and saw this guy in the yard. I am guessing by the paint along his back that he belonged to someone. Again, my first thought was to grab the camera.

I got a little up close and personal with him. :)
Then, in 2006 I looked out in my backyard and here he was again!! I couldn't believe he came back to the yard.
Just this past summer Rich told me that he saw him again in the back yard. Normally I wouldn't be so sure it was the same one, but the markings on the shell make it hard to deny.

take care,


Lorrie said...

I love it when we have box turtles visit our yard, but we've never had one with markings like that so I could know if it's the same one. He really did let you get up close, usually they pull their head and feet in right away. Amazing that you snapped that first photo and had it to compare to the second one--an advantage of being a shutter bug!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
I snapped a photo of one this past summer in our front yard. They really are beautiful creatures in their own way!

Your photo is great. Bet the kids at school would love to learn about turtles too!

Bev said...

I think he wants you to be his mommy. He heard how nice you are.

jeanne said...

Dawn how interesting to see the same turtle more than once in your yard. And in a span of a couple of years. The white makes you wonder where it lives and if it really does belong to someone now. He is kind of cute. A neat story.

Love, Jeanne

KarenHarveyCox said...

How adorable, he knows a good thing when he sees it. There is a twinkle in that little guy's eyes...he probably loves it in your yard. Karen

Smilingsal said...

He likes your yard; he thinks it's his. You take GREAT pictures. What kind of camera do you use? email me, please
smilingsal55 [at] yahoo [dot] com

judicreations said...

Good Morning Dawn!
Oh I think turtles are sooo neat. I love their shell and their colourings and they are just such a neat animal...reptile..whatever they are!

Wow isn't that something that you keep seeing him around your yard? Oh I'm so glad he hasn't gotten on the road or at least he had the sense to "peel-it" when it did..*lol*.

Thank you for sharing this guy...he looks like a Howard the turtle.

Have a great day!

Darlene said...

We had a turtle that kept coming into our yard. I posted about it when I first started blogging. It was so much fun to open the door and there he/she would be on the porch eating bugs. We also would give it a little dog food and it ate it all

It is neat with the paint on it's back so that you know it is the same turtle. We had two different sizes coming so who knows how many there really were.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey there Dawn; My you have very interesting visitors to your home. So very exciting around there. lol

Have a great day


Debi said...

Oh my, isn't he adorable?!!

Neabear said...

That is cool to get a turtle to visit you. How neat you were able to get pictures.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a cute little visitor you have there. We just recently "lost" our red slider turtle. He is now buried in our backyard, under the jasmine bush. Enjoy the visits with "Touche Turtle".
Have a great day!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

That is amazing Dawn. I think turtles live a very long, long time.

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn! He's MUCH cuter than the spider!!!!

Have a great night!

Shelia said...

Evening, Dawn! Aw the little shelled one must like your yard. That's amazing he would keep coming back and the fact he's still alive!! Thanks for the compliment on my wreaths.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Dawn, this post caught my eye! We have pet turtle named Charlie that lives in our yard. I hope this one brings you guys enjoyment like Charlie has brought to us!
Love, Ann