Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picking Pumpkins

On Sunday Rich, Tim and I went to a local farm to pick out the pumpkins for our yard. We have been going to this farm for the last few years. It is a bit more money but so close by that it is worth it!
The farm has the most beautiful mums! It is a glorious spread of fall colors. Oh, how I'd love to have a yard full of this splendor. We only picked out three plants. I guess that will have to do for this year.
We gave Tim the honor of picking out our pumpkins. We usually get three...one for each of us. Tim's already told me how he wants to carve the pumpkins. I think he was a bit surprised to find that we need to wait until it is closer to Halloween. Now when I carve a pumpkin I have triangle eyes, nose and a zig -zag mouth. When Britt carves her pumpkins she puts mine to shame! I think she gloats over that too!!!

While Tim was responsible for picking out the pumpkins it was Rich's job to carry everything to his truck. Not only did we get the pumpkins and mums but I bought a bale of hay and 4 cornstalks. I brought three to Britt so she could put them on the posts on her front porch. Oh, how I wish we had a porch! I am going to have to go by her house this week to take a look at her newly decorated house.
The farm had some fresh apples but we chose not to buy any because Britt, Jay and the kids are going apple picking next weekend and I am hoping (HINT HINT) that they bring some back for me. :)
There were some nice looking fall decorations at the farm stand but I opted to stick with what I already had.
Yesterday since I had the day off from school Britt came over with the kids. I had them pose for me in front of the little display in our front year. Mackenzie is such a cutie.
If you look close enough at this picture of Jack, you'll see Britt hiding behind the hay holding on to him. :) Whenever I sing Jack and Jill to Jack he smiles a big old smile. That's how I got the smile for this picture.
This is what we picked up at the farm, minus the scarecrow I bought a few weeks ago. I guess the shadows don't make for a very good picture, but you get the idea.
take care,


Smilingsal said...

Thanks for taking me along with you on your shopping trip. Those mums were breath-taking! I love your autumn display, and you're so smart to take pictures of the grandbabies using the display. You'll have a growth "chart" in a few years if you keep this up.

Have a good one!

Debi said...

Does Mackenzie have a modeling agent yet?!!

jeanne said...

Dawn, Your pumpkin search and mums photos are wonderful. However, I adore the photos of you grands. I miss that age now that mine are growing up so fast. Your display is so festive. Good job Dawn. Take a pic of Britt's porch too. I enlarged the pic of Jack and Britt did a good job of hiding. What beautiful grandchildren. Hope you have a good day.


Darlene said...

It looks GREAT Dawn!!! Cute pictures of the children....I couldn't even see Britt holding Jack. He has the BIGGEST, cutest smile!!!!!

Beverly said...

Dawn, it looks fantastic. I thought the shadow was a special scary effect.

Mackenzie and Jack are beyond adorable. Give those sweet faces a kiss from me.

Tell Tim thumbs up on his pumpkin selection. I can't wait to see the carving designs.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
Seems like everyone's been to the pumpkin patch but us! LOL

Love your photos and comments on your trip! Your display looks great in your yard!

And your grandkids and son are all beautiful! I bet these pictures will become some of your family favorites. The expressions on their faces are great!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Everything looks so pretty Dawn, especially those cutie pie babies !

judicreations said...

Hi Dawn
Oh I think the shadows with all those Hallowe'en and fall goodies makes the picture even more interesting!
What a nice farm you went to. That was fun to choose your pumpkins and all the other goodies you picked up. Isn't fall wonderful for all of that.
Mackenzie and Jack were certainly having a good time.

I hope they do bring you back some apples...mmmmmm...maybe they'll even get a piece of apple pie...(are you baking?)

Hope you've had a nice day.

Shelia said...

Evening, Dawn! Oh, what a wonderful pumpkin patch and those mums!! I just love all those pictures. Those babies are adorable!! I want babies!! Waa!! Thanks for popping in to see me and hope your week is going well.
Be a sweetie,

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn. What a great place to look for pumpkins and Mums. I loved all the photos you shared. But I have to say the one of Jack stole my heart, what a great smile he has. Such a doll. Oh and your fall display is so pretty love it girl friend.

Have a great week.


Kim's Treasures said...

Pumpkin picking is one of my favorite things to do!