Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's that time at our house

It is time for me to take down the Christmas decorations. If I don't get it done this weekend it could be weeks before I get a chance to do it. With the start of school again I've got busy days and nights and I know I'll be too tired to get it done.

I feel like Christmas came so fast this year. I worked until the 23rd and then in a blink of an eye it was Christmas day. I always wish I could have just a couple of days to be able to sit home and enjoy the beauty of the holidays without feeling like there are things that I need to do.

This year I put up fewer decorations than usual. Last night I packed up three of the eight totes that I unpacked. Hopefully it will all be finished today. It is always so sad putting it all away.

I guess I need to think of decorating for Valentine's day soon. At least it is not too long a wait!

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take care,


Anonymous said...

Dont you just love those totes? I have my stash in them. I love that I can see the colors of the yarn thru the almost clear plastic. What would we do without totes. Dont forget to take a little time for yourself today and knit or read. After all, thats what vacation is all about. ( I really wanted to leave a post that said 'PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!' but I know that would be selfish and you are going to be so fair, I mean being a teacher and all :-}} Darrlaa

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
I packed up all of mine on New Year's Day. Glad it is over. It is always more painful to take it down than put it up!

Have a great day,

Smilingsal said...

Mine is packed away for next year. The house looks plain. I know what you mean about teaching and not having time for Christmas.

Lorrie said...

I got mine packed away yesterday. The house does look plain now, but it's good to have it done.

Kelli@SassySouthernMom said...

Hey Dawn,

I packed away all of our Christmas things on New Year's Day. There's still a few things that need to go up to the attic. It's depressing! Christmas time is our favorite time of the year! It does go by too fast. I guess that just happens with age...LOL.

Have a great weekend!

Darlene said...

I LOVE all those totes. I mostly use see through ones. As you know I have had my decorations down but I have been cleaning away today and re-arranging things. Since I have started blogging I can't seem to leave things in their same place....constantly re-arranging and working on "displays" that look eye pleasing to me. I need to start tackling my de-cluttering!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Good luck getting all the decor down and put away. I did mine on Christmas day and the day after. Hubbs took down all the lawn ornamentation and all we have left are the string of lights on the roofline. I also thought Christmas came in a rush and left just as fast! Whoosh!
I'm glad I did take down my decor when I did because I had slacked on laundry for a the week of Christmas and a few days after and then the worst happened! My dryer went out and Sears wasn't able to come out for another week! So they got here yesterday, fixed the problem (thank God for extended warranties) and I started laundry last night. I had 20 loads (not even kidding!) and I have load #9 in the washer right now. It's my whites and I'm pretty anal about whites. They got soaked over night, washed through, washed in Hot with some bleach and are now getting their 3rd wash through to take out that bleach smell, lol! I'm just glad I got the 8 loads done and put away before I started this one. I'm able to tackle some other chores. Whoo! Sorry for the novel, don't know what's come over me. Enjoy your day!!!

Debi said...

Undecorating is so sad, isn't it? (And frankly, such a pain, too.) I didn't put up as many decorations this year fact, I did 8 tubs, too! We got the tree down today, and I packed up about half the tubs. Hope you managed to finish, and have a little time to relax tomorrow before heading back to school!

Beverly said...

Good for you my very fresh friend. Would you mind coming over to help me now? I'm busy scrapbooking! ;-)

Sweetie said...

My daughter helped me take down and put away my decorations. I do have a beautiful Nativity set with a spotlight shining on it that I will keep out for a few more days. I'm glad that you mentioned Valentine's day. I can soon start decorating for it.

Shelia said...

Evening, Dawn! I worked on getting my Christmas things put up yesterday and almost wore myself out! Don't work too hard on it all.
Thank you, Dear Dawn for your concerns about my Mother. Those meds can be bad! Bless you, my friend and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tracy said...

I know the feeling, Dawn...we're taking our Christmas decorations down too this weekend. With hubby not having to start work again until tomorrow, it's been a long Christmas, and we've been stretching out the holiday glow as long as possible--LOL! But there's always that little twinge of melancholy of another Christmas come and good. Thank goodness of the little holidays of Valentines' St. Patrick's Day, etc. to cheer things up in between the big holidays. Come to think of it I'm not sure I have much in the way of Valentine decorations...must see to that! Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

jeanne said...

Hi Dawn. None of my decorations are down and it will be a few days before I get to them. We have been in Atlanta for two days and I am so behind in my visits. Sorry this is so late.

I am looking forward to the winner of your knitted treasure. I am not posting tomorrow unless I can come up with something quick. it is late and I am so tired.


The Muse said...

i always get a little sad...but..i try to move onto another keep my creative level high!

Neabear said...

As I have been saying, mine are still up. I am enjoying the pretties too much. Plus it is the 11th day of Christmas. Good Luck going back to work. I wish I had a few days off like that.