Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January 7, 1914

Ninety five years ago today my grandmother, Dorothy was born. She was known to her friends as Dot. I called her Nana. Since I also called my great grandmother Nana, when differentiating between the two we called her Nana Small (her last name). I remember when Brittainy was young she asked me if Nana Small's last name was Small because she was so short. My grandmother was 4'10". Though she was small in stature she was a feisty woman and I loved her to pieces!!!!!

My grandmother could do every thing. She was a wonderful cook, a great seamstress and she knit and crocheted many things! I have some of her afghans still. :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of myself and my grandmother. Yes, it was back in the day when film was black and white. I have that afghan behind the two of us still. What I love about this picture is if you look at the bottom you can see her hand with her rings on it. She gave me her diamond ring a couple of years before Rich and I were engaged and I asked him not to buy me one. I wanted to use Nana's. I see that picture of her wearing the ring, and look down at my hand now and know that was a part of her.
My grandmother was also a wonderful gardener. I made this scrapbook page years ago and it simply says, "a grandmother's love blooms in your heart".

My father died while my grandmother was still alive. He was her only child and it was so hard having to go to the nursing home she was living in to tell her. My sister Sam came with me so we could let her know. I get all teary eyed remembering how hurt she was to hear that!!

I went every week to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. I even moved her to one closer to me so I could get to her easier. I missed only a few weeks in the two or so years that she was there.

I remember one time I went to visit her and she told me all about going to visit friends to play bridge. She hadn't. She just thought she did. One visit she told me that she hoped her grandmother wasn't worried about her because she didn't come home. I reminded her that she was in her 80's and her grandmother was gone. She started crying. It broke my heart. After that whenever she mentioned having to let her grandmother know she wouldn't be there I offered to stop on my way home to tell her. My grandmother was raised by her grandmother since her mother died when she was two.

My son Tim was born in September of 1998 and I brought him to visit with her a couple of times. I have a picture of them together and my grandmother looks very old compared to my memories of her. In November of that year she died. I miss her every day. Today I want all of my friends to know what a wonderful lady she was and how blessed I have been to have known and loved her.


take care,


Debi said...

Oh Dawn, what a beautiful, beautiful post!!! Lots of tears flowing here. I so love that you wear her wedding rings...what a precious gift it must be to see them on your finger each day. And you reminded me so much of my sweet, wonderful Grandma, who looked very much like your Nana I might add. I'm so grateful you have such special memories of one very special lady! (((((HUGS)))))

Darlene said...

Oh Dawn that is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. That is so neat that you wear her wedding ring....a part of her will be with you always.♥

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday, Nana Small! And, thank you for your part in making our Dawn such a special person.

I just bet she has balloons for her birthday in heaven.

jeanne said...

Dawn, I am so moved by your story of love and dedication to a great lady, your grandmother. She has to be very special to leave you such love for her. Happy Birthday Nana Small. You were big in life.


dana said...

That was just the BEST share, Dawn. I hope my little grand girl will have great memories of me--her Nana. Your post today inspires me to "step it up" in the Nana Department!

I am glad she was such an important part of your life for so long---I didn't have grandmas around (one I visited once a year and the other one I never met)--so I know how wonderful that was for YOU and for your terrific Nana to have eachother!


PS Your sweet comment on my 100th post puts you in the running for a terrific prize!! woo-hoo! :)

Smilingsal said...

Your memories of your Nana remind me of my memories of my mother--who was also called, Nana. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease, but you handled it much better than I did. We are lucky to have been in a "Nana family."

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful post Dawn! Happy Birthday Nana!

Shelia said...

Oh, Dawn, what a lady your grandmother must have been and how precious that you have such loving memories of her. She was a cutie. Now look at you - little darling baby girl - what a little angel you were. I hope your heart won't be too heavy today and thank you so much for sharing about her.
Oh, I'm so glad you liked that little song! I giggle all over when I hear it!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
She may have been small, but sounds like she had a huge heart to have made such an impression on you!

I know it would make her very happy to read this beautiful tribute you wrote about her!


Anonymous said...

Thats such a lovely story. Happy Birthday to your Nana. That is so special that you wear her ring...that must have made her feel very special at the time also. Its so nice that you were able to move her closer to you also so that you could more often.
Thank you for sharing...
Hope you've had a good day and are feeling less tired as the week goes along.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Dawn, This is a beautiful post! Reminds me so much of my grandmother, who died at 93, in a rest home. The picture of you as a baby is just precious! My grandmother used to be worried about getting home, too...thinking that she was a young girl. This post really evoked some great memories! I miss my grandmother's too! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Lorrie said...

What a lovely story Dawn. I also had a grandma that I loved very much and spent a lot of time with as a child, so I can really understand your relationship with your wonderful grandmother. I have an afghan my grandma made in my house too. Several years ago my mothter gave me my grandma's diamond engagement ring and when I wear it at special family occasions I feel like my grandma is with us too.

Neabear said...

Beautiful post! And you have some wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing them with us.