Friday, June 30, 2006

Mackenzie and Uncle Tim

It is still hard for my to believe that my 7 year old son is an uncle! Today Mackenzie came over for a couple of hours and she and Timmy played in the fire engine tent.

Timmy was trying to show her how to drive using the steering wheel. She was more interested in pulling on the flap.

Brittainy has already told me that as soon as Timmy outgrows this she wants me to save it for her kids. Now, when I mentioned this to him he was in no way ready to give it up. It has been in the back of his closet for years but just like any kid he needs it....he really needs it!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I just love that face!

Well I have noticed the few digi pages I have done all look the same. I think I have to get brave and try (learn) something new.

I love this picture because you can just see the teeth that were starting to pop out :)

The papers are from Anita Stergiou's WhispSpringFreeKit. The Oh so sweet is from Miranda Reinharat and the love tag is from Scrap artists spring breeze. I can't remember where I got the buttons from.

take care,

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The story of Beasley and Bluesy

Three years ago when Timmy was sick and in the hospital he was given a TY plush toy, Beasely. He became very attached to this dog, so much so that Christmas of that year he asked Santa for a brother for "Stuffy" (what he named his dog). Santa pulled through (what a guy!) and Timmy got "Fluffy". A year later he asked for yet another brother and again Santa pulled through and "Scruffy" joined our family. To this day they go every where with him still! He loves those dogs!

For Easter this past year Mackenzie received Bluesy the cat (kind of an odd name choice for a pink cat). Brittainy tells me that she LOVES her cat. Bluesy is in desperate need of a bath but Mackenzie can't seem to part with it. Being the good grandmother that I am I ordered two more on line so Mackenzie can always have a back up.

Now unlike Stuffy, Fluffy and Scruffy, I believe Mackenzie will only be aware of one Bluesy. The extras should arrive any day in the mail.

Oh what we don't do for our children...and grandchildren :)

take care,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, It's certainly been a while

I finished school last week. What a long couple of weeks the last few where. I spent every day afters chool cleaning and packing my room up for the summer. The custodians take out all the furniture, mop, wax and shampoo the carpets over the summer. It takes me about 2 weeks to put everything back LOL! I only do a little at a time.I am so happy to be home for the summer! It's great having the time off! Unfortunately I spent the first weekend home sick!!!

Then when I finally feel up to getting out of bed my internet didn't work. I have some major work to have done outside of the house. The cable underground is shot and they are going to have to burrow under our NEW driveway to replace it. Before that can happen DIG SAFE has to come! Right now I have a temporary fix until the work can be completed in the next couple of weeks.I am doing my best holding off turning the AC on in the house. It's just too stinkin' expensive! My bill is so high in the summer. The first night that I can't sleep because it's so hot you can bet it will be going on and then I'll be back here complaining how much it cost me LOL!I will certainly try to update more often for the few of you who actually read this LOL!

Take care

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Britt's Father's Day gift to Jay

Brittainy emailed me this morning and shared this video that she made for Jay for Father's Day.

I was so moved it brought tears to my eyes :)

Create your own video at One True Media

take care,

Monday, June 05, 2006

Family Fun Night

Tonight was family fun night at school. I put in a 12 hour day and boy am I tired. I am glad that I stayed for the event. It was fun seeing all the families and I got to take pictures of the event. Our PTA put it on and it was just the perfect weather for it. There were activities in the gym and outside of the school. The big hits were the face painting, and the pizza. The lines for each were pretty long!

Water balloons was pretty fun too! Unfortunately we ran out of water balloons too early!

Timmy seemed to enjoy the pizza the best! It was so good that we ran out and had to order more!

I love this picture of the pizza with the side of, that's one happy family eating tonight :).

I think the PTA raised a good chunk of money. I will be curious to see what was raised.

take care,

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oh I've been so busy!

I finally broke down and ordered my new computer. Ain't she purrty!!! I've been so busy trying to save everything from the old computer to put it on this computer. I still haven't loaded everything yet. I still have both printers and the scanner to go!

I did get to watch the final episode of Will and Grace on my new computer. The night that it was on I was babysitting for Mackenzie and I didn't set the timer on the VCR correctly. I ordered the DVD from Amazon and when I put the DVD into the computer it was wonderful!

I've set the old computer up for Tim and the keyboard stopped working. I was so frustrated yesterday trying to get it working. I finally was able to use an old keyboard and things are working fine :)

I have been acting as if I am indeed a seasoned digital scrapper buying and collecting kits. I can finally now store them on my computer because there is room!!!! I have 250GB of memory.


take care,