Friday, November 09, 2007

It seems like I am just a monthly blogger!

Well, let's see. This time change has really taken a toll on me. Here it is only 6:30 at night and I swear it feels like 9:00!!! I'm home for a couple of extra days this week. I have the respiratory illness many of the children in my class have had! I went to the doctor's yesterday and I already feel a bit better!

Last weekend we had one doosey of a storm. We lost power at 4:00 last Saturday afternoon and didn't get it back for 11 hours. There were many people here on the Cape that were without power for days! We settled into the dark evening with a game of Trouble and then a card game (Addition War!) After a while Tim and I decided to put on some Christmas carols and he and I had a sing along. Rich wasn't joining us LOL! When I got up Sunday morning I noticed that a tree was down in the back yard. It was sad! Rich was outside right after breakfast cutting it down, chopping it up and cleaning up the mess. Next year we'll be able to use it in the fireplace. It will be sad come next summer to see the shade that tree gave us gone.

Last weekend was also the anniversary of my father's death. It's hard to believe it has been 12 years. I think about him everyday and miss him very much. While I was thinking about him I found this picture of he and I from 1962.
I still have my Halloween decorations up. My plan is to have them all down by tomorrow. I don't even know if I'll get Thanksgiving ones up. Before you know it Christmas will be here.

I have been busy knitting and knitting and knitting! Right now I am making a blanket for my new grandson to be and a pair of fleece lined mittens. I want warm hands this winter while I am doing my recess duty!

That's my update for now.

Take care,