Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I "stole" this from Brittainy. She made this animation of Mackenzie and her favorite kitten (that just happened to come from her grandma ;) ). Cute huh?

On another note:

When Mackenzie comes over she likes to look at our fish, Philip. Brittainy called me tonight and said they got their own fish, Finnegan or Fin for short. Fish is one of the words Mackenzie likes to say. So what relation is her fish to ours? LOL!

take care,


debi said...

Congrats on your new grand-fish!

Anonymous said...

no big deal mom, but kitty came from the easter bunny.
i think finn and philip are 2nd cousins twice removed.
kenz REALLY needs to update her blog. but she just woke up too grumpy to be profound.

Beverly said...

I would say that since Philip is Timmy's fish, and Fin is Mackenzie's fish, that would make Timmy Fin's great uncle.

Beverly said...

So, I guess Philip and Fin are first cousins once removed.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is too cool!