Sunday, January 28, 2007

A productive day

Today was a jammie day. Both Timmy and I stayed in our pajamas all day. He was busy with Legos while I was busy with a little bit of everything.

I finished my first four inches of my sock and put them on stitch holders and started the second sock completing four inches on that. I have to wait until Wednesday to find out the next step. After my initial expense it should only cost about $16 to $22 a pair. It sure beats the $90 this one is costing :) Here they are so far!

We were asked to bring a journal with us to our next class so I made myself a knitting journal. The beads hanging on it is a stitch marker my friend Ingrid made for me. I just bought some new basic gray paper and used that as well.

I was also able to knit some on the vest I am making Mackenzie. (It's supposed to be a Christmas present next year).

I put some Italian Chicken in one crock pot for dinner tonight and spaghetti sauce and meatballs in the other.

While I didn't get everything on my list complete, I did get quite a bit done.

take care,


~**Dawn**~ said...

in reply to your comment on my blog, no we did not get any answers to the proposals. that's how the show ended!!

debi said...

I am so loving those socks, Dawn! They are going to be gorgeous!
And I'm willing to bet that your journal is going to be the coolest in your whole class!
That certainly was a productive day...congratulations!
Have a happy one!

kenzie said...

i LOVE LOVE your journal!! omg@$20 socks!

Beverly said...

There you go being smart again. You know you make me smile.

Love the journal.