Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I came home from school today so tired! I thought that I would just skip taking down a totes worth of decorations until I read Debi's blog. She mentioned that what I wrote yesterday was an inspiration for her to take town her own decorations. I decided that I should stay true to my word and packed up another box. Three down and four or five to go :).

While I was looking at the decorations, they reminded me of things I crafted years, and years, and years ago. I started feeling nostalgic for those days when I had time (or was it that I gave myself time) to craft!

The first "craft" I learned was knitting. I remember I was five years old when my mother taught me how to knit. When I was in my 20's I made this Christmas stocking.

The other craft I learned as teenager was needlepoint. Again, in my twenties I made this wall hanging. Of all the needlepoint kits that I completed I only have two left. This comes out every Christmas.

I am treating myself to some of my old indulgences again. This month I am planning on taking a sock knitting class with a friend. I'm actually excited about knitting some socks LOL!

take care,


marianne said...

How pretty these are! You're one talented gal - but we knew that! Enjoy indulging! :)

debi said...

Oh my gosh, Dawn! We seem to have soooo much in common! I used to spend a great deal of time doing various crafts (in fact, for a while I had a booth in a craft mall), but time for those wonderful indulgences is now in such short supply. It's been an especially long time since I've taken the time to make anything for me. But my mom gave me this beautiful needlepoint kit for Christmas, and I told myself that I was going to take the time to do it even if some other things had to fall by the wayside for a while. And sure enough, I started it yesterday.
I say "Good for us!" Keep us posted with pics of your new projects.
And by the way, both your stocking and your needlework are simply gorgeous!
Have a great one!