Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Time to say Good Bye to the holidays

I broke down and started packing up the Christmas decoartions today. I'm sad to see it have to come down. I think Timmy feels the same way. He still wants to listen to the music. Tomorrow it's Kidz Bop Christmas for the ride to and from school. Ah, that's my boy!

I know how much work it is to take every thing down so I've made it my goal to just do one bucket at a time. The biggest thing to pack up is my collection of Byers Choice Carolers and figurines. Each one gets wrapped individually in tissue paper and placed in the bin. I used to get one or two every year but I stopped buying quite a few years back. I've run out of room!

My favorite of the collection is the Christmas Carol figures. I think they were the first that I bought. My mother bought a few of the Nutcrakcer series. They aren't really my interest but I appreciated the thoughtfulness that came with them. Timmy likes the "rat head guy". :) Packing these up is my goal for tomorrow.

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debi said...

It is kinda sad, isn't it? I haven't yet begun...been putting it off. (Though much of that is due to laziness, I must admit. It's such a big job!) Good luck!

And you're off to a good start blogging this new year!

Have a great one!