Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today would have been my grandmother's 93rd birthday. Sadly, she passed away 8 years ago. My grandmother was a very petite woman. She told me before osteoporosis she was 4'10". I remember when Brittainy was a little girl we were talking and she asked me if Nana Small's last name was small because she was so short. It was just a coincidence that Small happened to be her last name. For a small woman she was as strong and opinionated as person I had ever met! I miss my grandmother!

I found this hidden in all of my scrapbooking pages. It's the only page I've done about my grandmother.

It is wonderful how our senses play such an important role in our memories. When you hear certain song your thoughts travel back in time to the moment that it touched your life. Maybe it is the smell after a summer rain that reminds you being a child. When I see these flowers that grew in your garden it reminds me of you, Nana. The way you filled my life with love and how the older I got the more that love "bloomed". You have forever touched my heart!

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debi said...

Oh Dawn, that is just beautiful! Such wonderful, sweet journaling!