Thursday, January 21, 2010

Da Da...Da da da da da...da da da da...da da da da

In case you couldn't figure out from the title that is Mackenzie's new favorite song. It's the theme from Star Wars. On Saturday Mackenzie got a new Star Wars toy, Darth Maul. She was so excited to get it that she wanted to come over and play Star Wars with Tim. I picked her up on Sunday morning. She had her Star Wars lunch box full of her Star Wars guy ready to go. She and Tim played for hours!!!! Tim brought out his Star Wars Legos and they had a grand time.

Mackenzie is wearing the sweater I made for her last year. (If you click on the picture you can see a bigger version and see the sweater better).

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Massachusetts talk but "wicked" is a very popular word. When we were driving to my house she was telling me that when her brother Jack left with her Dad to go to a relatives house and when her mom left to do what she needed to do that their dog, Joey, would be "wicked" sad. I don't know how Joey felt, but we were "wicked" glad to have Mackenzie for the day.

take care,


Tracy said...

She is sooo cute... look at those cheeks! You just want to kiss them! "Wicked"... I might have to pick that word up--fun! ;o) Happy Day, Dawn ((HUGS))

Lorrie said...

It's fun how kids can imaginative games for hours--that's what my kids did with Care Bears, My Little Ponys, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Love the sweater--you've got talent for sure!

Darlene said...

She is so adorable and so is the wonderful sweater you made for her!!! It is so great that she and Tim can play away with the Star Wars toys for hours together....making memories!!!! Love the wicked word!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Sounds like a "wicked" good time!!! She's too cute!

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Beautiful sweater. Its lovely on her. How nice that she has Tim to play games like that with.
Wicked is a word around this area too....out of the mouths of babes eh?

Hope your school year is going well...January back to school year. Mine is getting back into that routine and i think I'm winning too.

have a lovely day

Nola said...

What a sweet photo and a "wicked" sweater! I'm so out of it, I don't have any idea what words are "in" or "out". Being a teacher, I guess you stay on top of it. Maybe you could post a vocabulary lesson for us.

The Muse said...

A doll! A true doll...
And somehow, the star trek theme never sounded so sweet!

The Muse said... too Dawn, the gum, the jawbreakers, the taffy...things of the far distant past!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! This was a wicked post! :) Couldn't help myself.
She is adorable! I knew that was the song she was singing. ;)
You know we're going to be grandparents for the first time in March!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;0