Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Will we or won't we?

I've been getting together with a group of friends to knit for the past three years. It's always a fun time and yes, on occasion we actually knit LOL! The past month or so has been hard getting together. With the holidays something is always going on. I am hoping that we will be able to get together tonight without something getting in the way. Keep your fingers crossed that it will happen.

I love show and tell the most! When one of the girls brings something to show and tell I am usually inspired to try the project myself. That is where a great number of my projects come from.

This is one of those projects.

I made the top two for Tim's teachers. The bottom blue was a gift at our staff Yankee Swap Christmas party and the other brown is for a dear friend of mine. I haven't seen her yet so she hasn't received them. I also made a black less frilly pair for Tim and I'm working on two other pairs right now.

Keep us in your thoughts today and keep your fingers crossed that we will actually get together.

take care,


Beverly said...

I've got my fingers crossed. I know you love getting together with your group. Be sure to tell Ingrid I said hello.

Hope you have a good day. Is your burn getting any better?

Kathleen said...

I say, we will!

Anonymous said...

Those came out so cute. How did the knitting grop go? Darrell