Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day at the Fair

Yesterday was our annual trip to the Barnstable County Fair. We go every year. I’ve been taking Britt and the kids with me for the last couple of years. Well actually this is Jack’s first year.

The highlight for me is the fried dough! Mackenzie loves the animals. Tim loves the fries. And I guess Britt just loves her mom :)
I don’t think I would have ever made it living on a farm. The smell of the animals really bothers me!! I had to get out as quickly as possible. Last year when Britt was newly pregnant with Jack, the poor thing would be running out because the smells were making her sick.

I like looking at the exhibits in the arts and crafts barn. I always say I’d like to make something to enter but never get beyond just thinking about it. Tim is always taken by the 4-H exhibits using Legos. He would love for them to be for sale!

I am not one to waste money on carnival games so I told Tim I would use the money I would have spent on the games and he could buy a toy at one of the kiosks on the way out. He bought a police set and some light up gun. Mackenzie got a nice blue blow up pony!

We all over did it with slushies. Tim and I came home with blue mouths. There’s something about the smell of fair food that can’t be beat. I have noticed that it usually smells better than it tastes!

I took pictures of all the kids today. Here they are in all of their fair glory.

To end with a little color….I thought this bird was beautiful!

take care,


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Those smiles are priceless! Love the way you did the black and white really puts emphasis on the facial features and smiles.

Sounds like a grea day at the fair!
And the pic of the bird is wonderful!

Beverly said...

Great pictures, Dawn. I'm glad you didn't claim the last guy as one of your kids - although he is quite colorful.

I can't believe you don't enter any of your lovely creations in the fair competitions. We're going to have to motivate you for next year.

Jeanne said...

Dawn, your post today is great. I always loved the fair. In MI. it was always the 4-H fair. Your photos are treasures. The black and white stands out because everything is always in color. The parrot is definitely in color. Smile.

Love ya, Jeanne

Kim's Treasures said...

Dawn~What a fun day! Love your photos! The kids are sooo cute!
Have a great day!

helen said...

Nice blog Dawn, I found you through beverly(how sweet the sound) who directed me to you in response to a question, could you tell me how you got the pink Saturdaypicture on your sidebar & how to make it clickable to go back to Beveraly?you can answer me here or email me

Britt said...

DAY-UM those are some cute kids!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Mmmmm... I love fried dough. I like to get a piece with sauce and then a second piece with cinnamon & sugar for dessert! Unfortuntely they don't have it with sauce down here. They never even heard of it!

Cottage Rose said...

Love the pictures Dawn; the black and white is so great looking. It sounds like everyone loved the fair. I love fair food, but it does not love me. lol; But I eat it any way. I hear what you say about the fair games, such a rip off. You can buy better then what you get. Have a great week and get some rest.

My Crafty Little Page said...

What a nice trip to the fair and the kids are adorable. Now I'm hungry for a funnel cake and I need to go to the Ohio State Fair again just to see the butter cow! :) Nancy

Debi said...

Oh Dawn, those photos of the kiddos are gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! You need to have them all framed and hung together. Gorgeous, I tell you!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Look at those smiles. What a wonderful day you all must have had. Our fair won't be here until Sept. I can't wait.
Enjoy your day!