Friday, July 11, 2008

Favorite Family Foto Friday

Deborah of Pictures, Pots and Pens is hosting Favorite Family Foto Friday. I thought I'd give it a try....lord knows I have thousands of pictures of my family!

I posted this picture on my blog last year but I just LOVE it. It is of Tim and Kenzie. I took the picture on 7-7-07 . The purpose was to post photos related to the number 7. Tim was 7 years old when his niece was born and needless to say is still 7 years older than her. He will be 10 and she will be 3 in September. They both love each other very much!!! The picture below is the two of them the summer before.

I wish I had thought to get a picture of them when Mackenzie was here today. Next time :)

Please be sure to visit Deborah's blog to see who else is sharing their favorite family photos.

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Those photos are priceless! I love the idea of posting something related to 7!
And your scrapbook lay out is great! Where do you get them? On the internet, or software?

Mary said...

Dawn these are lovely - and your layout is so neat! Children make the best subjects......but one often needs patience to catch them unaware for really great shots.

Thanks for sharing these cuties.

Vanessa Greenway said...

They're lovely pictures!!! My hubby's bd is on 7/7! Funny huh? Have a great day! Vanessa

Jeanne said...

Dawn, your photo of Tim and Kenzie are adorable. and the subsequent one as well. Some day they will get a big kick out of those pics.

Don't hate me, I tagged you. If you have done this one before, please ignore it. I had fun with it.

Love ya, Jeanne

Shayla said...

Very cute! The little boy sure looks like you!


AWww... they are so cute!!!! I love these pictures!!! And the layout too. Is it a digital one??
Love the 7 analogy!!

Deborah said...

Darling children! I hope you wrote that 'seven' numbers story down to keep with the photo. Future generations will love it!

Love the bottom picture page you put together.

Thank you for posting, Dawn!


Beverly said...

I recognize those two cuties. All little girls need an Uncle Tim.

Cottage Rose said...

I adore the pictures, they are so sweet. I just love the big kiss one, wait till they see it when they are 20 or older, how they will blush. I love making my kids bush. It is a perk of being a mom.