Thursday, July 31, 2008

A teacher's weekend

With the last day of July here I am reminded of something one of my fellow kindergarten teachers told me years ago. She said that summer is a teacher's weekend. June is like a Friday. You are still working in June but the end of the month when school gets out is like a Friday afternoon after a long week of school. July is like Saturday. There is still nothing but time to do all those things you promise yourself you will do. August is a Sunday. You don't have to work but you spend the month getting ready for the year ahead much like you spend Sunday's during the school year getting ready for the week ahead.

Well, my friends I am approaching the Sunday of my summer vacation. Oh, how I love my summer's off. Around mid August I start getting the itch to go back and set things up. I'm not quite ready for it yet. I so enjoy my time at home. I enjoy sleeping! I enjoy the slow pace of it all. I hope "Sunday" goes by slowly. I'm not ready for Monday!

take care,


Suzanne said...

Hello I have just come across your blog, and like to leave a comment so you know I visited. You have a lovely blog.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
I can relate to your post! For years that is how I felt, but once I got into the routine, I got excited about school.

When do you start? In the district I worked at, the teachers start tomorrow! And Connor will start next Thurs. He has open house and will meet his teacher next Tues. night!
Have a great day,

Debi said...

I'll bet it is hard facing the fact that summer's half over already. How did that happen anyway?!! Truly does seem like the last school year just ended.

Beverly said...

Play like Scarlett O'Hara - just don't think about it yet.

I don't like Mondays either.

Jeanne said...

Hi Dawn, I have my coffee and I am ready to visit. Ahhhhh it feels good. I love the analogy of your summer off. I hope Sunday lasts a long time for your sake. I think I would have loved being a teacher. I trained tellers for my bank job and it was fun. The training was two weeks, and very intense. Fraud was a big subject. After that I hired entry level employees, and I loved that. Then came Mtg. work. I really did not like that! Beverly worked for the same bank I did. A totally different job at the Corp. Center. It was a great career for 17 years. Mostly my career was raising my children. smile. I definitely loved that job.

Love ya, Jeanne

Shelia said...

Morning, Dawn! Oh, that's a cute little saying and I love your graphic. I'm sure you're a wonderful teacher. Thanks for coming to see me and my pillow this morning.
Have a great Saturday, I think that's right! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tonja said...

Hi Dawn!
I am so happy to meet you! So your niece and I share a name. Does she pronounce it as it is written...with a 'J'...or does she pronounce it with a "Y"? I am Tonja with a "J". But, it always surprises me how many people say it with a "Y". I just correct them and go on.

I see you are a kindergarten wonderful! My vacation is coming to a close, too. I have taught kindergarten music in a private preschool for 19 years. This will be 20 and the last. Oh, how I love the children!

I look forward to reading more of your blog and would love for you to come back to visit me at Gatherings.

God Bless!

Donna said...

Your post brings back memories. I grew up in New Jersey where we finished the school year around the middle of June and went back to school right after Labor Day. It sounds like you have about the same school year. I live in Texas now and the school year is different here which you may be aware of. My grandsons, ages four and nine will be starting school August 11th. (The four year old will be in Pre-K so it's his first year.) They get out of school the middle of May though. I've always wondered why they didn't start school in September here. It seems like the schools might save a little money on their air conditioning bills that way. It is hot in June too, and you never know how hot it will be but it's usually not nearly as hot as the month of August. Oh well, just a thought. Thanks for the reminder of my school days. Have a great day. D~~~~

Kim's Treasures said...

I am going to have to tell my daughter this story...she will be graduating in May with a lower elementary teaching degeree. Enjoy your last hours of Saturday and all your Sunday to the fullest!

PS Thank you for the compliments on my bag! Can't wait to see what you do with your yo-yo's!

Deborah said...

Hi Dawn, I'm back in town and planning Favorite Family Foto Friday. Will you be posting a photo? Let me know so that I can add you to my post.
Deborah (

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Dawn; I love they way you explained the teacher's weekend summer. I hope your Sundays go slowly for you. have a good day.