Sunday, July 27, 2008

We're off to see the wizard

I just saw an ad on TV the other saying that The Wizard of Oz is on TNT tonight. I know it seems like no big deal. Most of us can watch it any time that we want to. I, myself, have it on both VHS and DVD. I can't seem to part with the VHS version, even though I don't watch many videos at all any more.

Just the mention of the show being aired on TV brought me a flood of memories. Those of your over 30 will remember. The Wizard of Oz was shown every year on TV but only one day a year. It was the night that parents let their children stay up a little later than usual. I remember my mother letting my sister and I do just that. There was something magical about the night that this movie was aired. My sister and I would be in our pajamas, sitting on the couch anxiously awaiting Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly lion and the witch! Oh that witch was scary!

As a treat we would have popcorn with the movie. Not just any popcorn, but Jiffy Pop.

Jiffy Pop,
Jiffy Pop,
the magic treat!
As much fun to make as it is to eat!

I remember the popcorn sometimes got stuck in my sister's throat so my mother would have a slice of bread for her to eat...though I don't know how that actually helped.

With all the technology these days I think it is kind of sad that the magic is gone. Children don't experience the same excitement as we did as kids.

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Beverly said...

Oh yes, I definitely remember that night each year. It was always on Sunday, and I was allowed to stay home - and not go to Training Union.

Of course, I did feel a little guilty about skipping TU, but watching the movie overcame the guilt.

Gee, I might even let you sing Over The Rainbow to me. That is how much I love that song. ;-)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
You have the same memories that I do....we used to have fun didn't we. I can remember really looking forward to watching the Wizard of Oz on TV! Now it takes so much more to excite kids!

Thanks for bringing back the memories, and hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Jeanne said...

Dawn, you are right about rain on a wedding day. At least it stopped for the wedding. All is well and the wedding was perfect. Thank you for all your good wishes.

To answer your question of the other day about the bike ride. We got on a bus with our bikes and gear and they drove us to the top. It is quite a business at Mount Rogers.

Now, your post today. I love that movie and our children always looked forward to 'OZ'. Me too. The Jiffy Pop and all. Thanks for the fun memory.

Love ya, Jeanne

~**Dawn**~ said...

I remember that too! It was the one "special" not associated with a holiday. I looked forward to it all year (even though the Witch and those mean trees always scared me). We had popcorn too! Only ours was made in a hot air popper with the clear yellow plastic cover spout. Thanks for reminding me of a great memory Dawn.

Debi said...

Rich and I still get that kind of excitement. We can't figure out why, but we get so excited when a movie we love comes on TV. Even if it's a movie we already own! Seriously, we'll drop everything to watch some movie on TV, even though we could actually watch it anytime. Weird, I know.

The Wizard of Oz gives me the creeps now. I loved it as a kid, but I now associate it with a time it was on when I was in college. A girl had just been murdered up the street from our apartment, and they had no clue who had done it. My roommate had gone home for the weekend. We lived in a basement apartment and our windows were right at ground level. I watched the Wizard of Oz that night, and was scared witless the whole time, wondering if there was so serial killer roaming around outside. So now that's the association I have stuck with the Wizard of Oz. Isn't that sad?

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Dawn; I think most of us who are over 30 have the same memories. Only instead of the sofa we would lay on the floor with pillow and blanket. I used to hide under the blanket when the witch's monkeys were on, they really scared me. I have the DVD of the movie, sometimes I will pop some corn and watch it. And yes it is a shame kids today don't have the same feelings as we did about movies. Some times Change is not so good.


Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn~I remember that! It was such a special night but the flying monkeys scared me and the witch for that matter! It didn't matter though because it was a special night! Thanks for the memory!
Have a great night!

Pink Slippers said...

That is sooooo true. Some things like that are wonderful memories that kids will never experience because of us always wanting it NOW. Too bad. Just like old fashion fun with mud pies and dirt. Some kids don't even know what dirt is.

Anne Fannie said...

You are funny. My Mom called me tonight and told me don't forget to watch the Wizard of Oz!
Love, Ann

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh how I remember getting to stay up late to watch that SCARY movie!! We had b/w tv (FOREVER!!!) so I didn't actually see the RUBY slippers until I was at the theater once as a teen. WOW! What a difference with color!! : ) We only had Jiffy Pop once -- it didn't inflate quite like the commercials promised and it was burned coal black!!! My mom had an old kettle that made the best popcorn! Thanks for the fun stroll down memory lane. I'm off to see the dishwasher ... ; )

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I soo remember. We'd stay up and eat popcorn too. We'd even get to eat in the livingroom which was usually a big no-no. The stores here still sell jiffy pop and I pop it so my littlest kids can experience the "magic".
Thanks for the memory Dawn!

Anonymous said...

YES!! I totally agree! It was one of those special nights that we looked forward to all year, we also looked forward to The Sound of Music, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, The Grinch, and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Those were big occasions at my house and one of the few times we would get to have chips and dip and get to drink sugery sodas. *L* Kids today get to watch whatever, whenever, and it is sad for them that these wonderful shows aren't special to them like they were to us.

Kelli said...

Hi Dawn, Just visiting your blog for the first time today. I love the Wizard of Oz, and actually stayed in our bedroom Sunday night and watched it. My dad and I used to watch it every time it came on TV while I was growin up. We still watch it from time to time if it's on. It's always on around Christmas, don't know why, but it's such a classic movie, i guess, no matter what time of the year it's on. Kelli