Sunday, August 10, 2008

Angels of Lockhart and other summer reading

I just finished reading a book that fellow blogger Diane had posted about this week. It looked like an interesting read so I ordered it. It arrived Friday afternoon and I finished it Saturday night. It was an easy read and although you know what happens in just the first page it is compelling enough to want to know the story that goes along with it.It is the story of Lizzie Parker who marries and gives birth to 7 children. All of her children died before their second birthday (some even younger). It is told by Lizzie's step son Ollie. As the family history unfolds questions arise and the family looks to find the answers as to why each of these babies had to die. After dinner last night I sat down to read more of this book and couldn't stop until it was done.

Just the other day I finished reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. I first read this book about 30 years ago (gulp) when I was in high school. I have also watched the movie several times over the past 30 years. There is something about this book that speaks on humanity on so many levels. It is a wonderful, wonderful book. A little side note: Like I said I read this in high school. I remember the top of the test paper for this book said, "To Kill A Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee. Further down on the test was the question, "Who wrote To Kill A Mocking Bird". Miss Genius me got that one wrong LOL!

Another book that I read was Second Glance by Jodi Picoult. I like her books and this one was a bit different than the others. It was a ghost love story. I really enjoyed this one. I think it is one of my favorites of her books. I have a couple more of her books on my list that I would like to get to before summer ends.

Another classic. There is something about this book that touches my heart. One of the things that strikes me about this book is that even though Papa was an alcoholic he loved his family and especially his daughter more than anything in this world and Francie love her father just as dearly, despite the disease of alcoholism that he suffered with. It was a book with great characters and great character!

The book that I began with this summer was Chill Factor. A friend had loaned it to me and kept telling me to read it because it was good. Was she ever right. I couldn't put this one down either. It is the story of a woman who is ending a marriage. Lilly and her ex, Dutch are selling their cottage home. A storm hits and Lilly is trapped in the cabin with a man believed to be responsible for killing five woman in their town. The book had lots of twist and turn and each time I thought I had something figured out, and was oh so proud of my ability to do so, I was caught off guard.

I had hoped to have at least twice this many books read but I have had other "interests" keeping me busy this summer.

I do love the feeling of reading a good book and feeling sad that the book is over and I won't be part of the "character's lives" any more.

What books have you read? Tell me about your favorite.

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Smilingsal said...

Oh Dawn, I am an avid reader so you really don't want me to list the books I've read this past summer; it's a pretty long list!

A good quick read, though, is Skid by Rene Gutteridge. I laughed out loud with that one.

And for just plain GOOD, read Angela Hunt's She Always Wore Red. One of the Best!

Debi said...

I'd say that's a nice pile of reading you got done already this summer! You just made my wish list longer, that's for sure! I had to add Second Chance, The Angels of Lockhart, and Chill Factor. I also would have added A Tree Grows in Brooklyn if wasn't already on my wish list. Yep, it's that whole too many books, too little time thing. I reread To Kill a Mockingbird last summer...I think it's one of those books I could read a hundred times and never tire of.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
So glad you enjoyed Angels of Lockhart. The author posted a comment on my blog...go back and look at it if you have a chance.

Maybe he'll visit your blog!

I haven't read too much this summer. I started Atonement and didn't get right into it. Too much time with the grandkids and the computer! LOL

I really like Jodi Picoult. I have read several of hers, and Sandra Brown too!

I'll have to check out the others. I don't think I've ever read To Kill a Mockingbird.

Have a great day,

Beverly said...

Wow, Dawn! You have been doing your summer reading. I need to get back in swing.

Cottage Rose said...

Well Dawn; I am a shamed to say I have not been able to read a book this summer. Well except my bible. I love to read but just did not have the time. I will try to do some this winter when my life is a bit slower.
ha ha Have a great week. And thank you for the wonderful comment, you made me feel a lot better. Thank you.


Kelli@SassySouthernMom said...

Hey Dawn!

I asked my mom(diane) the other day if i could borrow Angels of Lockhart, but she lent it out. Like her, i love to read, but with two small children, it's hard to read more than about 15 min. a day..LOL. Anyway, anything by Sandra Brown is good. I don't know if you've ever heard of The Mitford Series. It's nine books total ( i think). These are probably my most favorite books I've read so far. You really get into the characters,and feel like you know them. I was sad to see the series end. The author is Jan Karon. I'm also hooked on anything by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her books are quick and easy reads. Have a nice day! Kelli

Darlene said...

I love to read but I have not been doing much of it lately. The book I am reading right now is Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I had never read her books before and so far it has been good. I also like Sandra Brown and I think I will try Chill Factor. I enjoy books you can't put down.

judicreations said...

You've read a lot of interesting sounding books. I haven't read any of those at this point and its probably because I haven't read for a bit..except I'm reading (still) bit by bit although I enjoy it "The Pillars of the Earth" by KenFollett one from Oprah's book club.

I also enjoy reading Nora Roberts especially the ones that are trilogies. The first one I read was the trilogy that included "Blue Dahlia", "Black Rose" and I think the other was "White Lily". If you like something with a bit of modern spook or ghosty in will enjoy it. Another trilogy I really enjoyed was about 3 keys.. "Key of Knowledge" etc. REALLY liked that one. Same kind of idea of gripping. Have you read any of hers?