Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's Favorite Family Fotos

Deborah of Pictures Pots and Pens is hosting Friday's Favorite Family Fotos. Hop on over and see who else is participating and take a look at every one's family photos.

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back to school brag book found at Ahhh Scrap!

In honor of the start of school on Tuesday and the fact that I am a kindergarten teacher, I am sharing a picture of myself when I was in kindergarten. I went to kindergarten in 1966 at West Yarmouth Elementary School. It's now called Margaret E. Small Elementary School. I remember that Mrs. Kennedy was my teacher. I remember having Oreo cookies and milk for snack. I remember we had a sandbox in our classroom. I also remember learning my colors from construction paper circles that were cut out and placed on Popsicle sticks made to look like lollipops.

Notice the short hair cut? My mother always gave my sister and I pixie hair cuts? (Are you old enough to remember those?) My mother used to tell us that if our hair was long enough to pull, it was too long. I guess maybe my sister and I had aggression issues LOL!

One of my most vivid memories of kindergarten was the day I wore the maroon sweater set. It was a knit skirt and jacket and was very pretty. I guess I had chosen part of my own wardrobe that day. All day long I was having trouble keeping my "undergarments" up. Come to find out I had put my mother's underwear on and it kept falling off of me!!! Oh, the things that we remember LOL!

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
Your pics are so cute!

We didn't have public K back when I was in school! LOL

So my first memories are of the first grade! Here is seems that K is the 'new' first grade! And I'm not really sure it is a good thing!

Starting next Tues., I will be working with K for 1 hour each morning. I will have to work with the ones that are not yet writing their names. I've never done that before! Wish me luck! LOL

Beverly said...

Cute then - Cute now.

And, smart, too.

The whole package.

Sorry, I added one more. ;-) Jessica

Debi said...

Okay, I've finally wiped the tears from cheeks from laughing so hard about the underwear story!

That picture is just the cutest!!!

The thing that sticks out the most in mind about kindergarten is the felt board...oh, how I loved the felt board!

Hope you and the guys enjoy your long weekend! (How did it get to time for a new school year anyway?!!)

Smilingsal said...

fun-nee wearing your mom's underwear! That must have been something, tugging them up all day!

Tracy said...

Hi, Dawn! Oh, my CUTE were you! Still ARE!! :O) That is a very adorable photos...And I got my laughts over your underwear incident! That's a memorable first day of school--LOL! Thank you for sharing some of your memories...Gosh, kindergarden seems eons ago...I remember I wore a blue & white sundress, very pretty, and it was warm that day. I recall the whole bus-ride-thing a very intimidating and overwhelming experience...I was sooo painfully shy as a child, school was hard, especially that very first day of school! But kindergarden grew on me--it was good. Have a great Labor Day weekend! ((HUGS))

Darlene said...

Too CUTE!! The underwear problem is hysterical!! It is crazy but I don't really remember too much about Kindergarten but I remember 1st grade vividly!

Britt said...

oh how cute you are/were. must run in the family.

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh Dawn that is too funny! Thank you for the award and tag! I will be posting them soon! I am just taking a break here while I have cookies in the oven.

Have a great weekend!

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Too funny about the undies. Is is funny the things that stay in our memories!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Dawn that is so funny about your undies !! You still look so young !

g said...

Oh, how fun to remember! You were sure cute in kindergarten - but I can see the person you are now in the photo, too!

I had pixie cuts all my childhood too.

what a story about the undies!

claudie said...

Hi Dawn
It's late but I must say hello.
My bangs were always cut sooo short I would look in the mirror and now I seem to let them get in my eyes lol.
It's time for bed oh my it's 3am...
BTW love the pink sweater on Pink Saturday.
Night night or should I say good morning.