Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping made easy!

photo from Cape Cod Times

Earlier this year our local supermarket began putting out these scanners in the grocery store for shoppers to use. I was so excited to give it a try. I liked it so much that I started telling people about it. I commented to people in the store using them. I did in store advertising for the scanners (all on my own...just to spread the love!). Some people I talked to one day at lunch insisted that it was taking jobs away from people and they were an awful thing to have. The next time I went shopping I asked the store manager. Now call me naive, but I believed her. She said that they weren't taking jobs away.

You can't imagine how excited I get scanning and bagging my groceries as I shop. I don't have to take everything back out of the cart, help bag them again, and spend all that extra time. I just hand them the scanner and in minutes I'm done! I can even stand in the 12 item or less line with that scanner and a HUGE cart of groceries. For many months when I was doing my mother's shopping as well, I was a two fisted scanner. Ahhh, life was good. I'm back to doing just my own and I can't imagine every going back to the other way of shopping. I have my bags arranged in my cart just so. I know how to pack it as I shop and I've got it down to a science.

The other great part of shopping is that when you use your reusable bags like this green bag here:

they take 5 cents off your order for each bag you reuse. I keep mine in the trunk of the car so they are always ready when I need to shop.

Shopping is indeed fun again. I do have Rich and Tim unload the groceries and put them away. After all I am just so "tired" (Shhhhh don't let them know) from all of that hard work.

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Darlene said...

Oh, that is sooo neat. So you are scanning the price on each item when you put it in the grocery cart and at the cashier they just get a total for you to pay? Then you are done and your groceries are already bagged and ready after you pay? I know lots of questions as we don't have anything like that around here. Do they glance through your bags to make sure everything was scanned into the scanner thingy? Neat!!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
That is such a progressive idea! I wonder how long it will take to get to Mississippi. LOL

I hate grocery shopping so much...but that might make me enjoy it!

I think more and more people will be using the green bags. I've seen some people at the local military base where I love to shop with these!

Have a great day,

suesueb said...

i think this is such a great idea-i hate grocery shopping! love the pink volcano! and you sweater and bag are so creative!! have a great pink week!

Beverly said...

I really like that concept, but I don't think I've seen it here yet.

Although, I am in love with my method of grocery shopping, too.

Smilingsal said...

I don't know if grocery scanners will ever come to the crime ridden area I live in. I can see how easily people could shove stuff in their bags and "forget" to scan it. (Remember, I'm well trained; I've taught high school!)

But, I'd love to shop with a scanner, and I'd be good about it. Honest.

Now, about the help unloading the groceries: how I miss my grown-up and flew-the-nest kids!

Kim's Treasures said...

How cool is that!?! That would be so nice to have...I have fibromyalgia and it sure would save me having to unload everything on the conveyor and back in the cart! I hope we get that scanner here!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Seeing your post on this Dawn is new to me also . Never even heard of it . I wondered about the theft involved in this also .

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea and can't wait for it to come to my area. I saw it on TV and have been dying to give it a try. :-)