Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

This is a repost from Father's Day a couple of years ago. Today would have been my father's 76th birthday. He passed away in October of 1998 and I miss him so much. Tim and I made a birthday cake for him yesterday to have today in celebration of his birthday. Oh, how I wish he got to meet Tim.

So dear friends, here is my dad!

Here is my dad with me when I was a baby!

This is the way I remember my father most.

I made a small little scrapbook of my dad with a poem in it that says:

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure

When I come to the end of the road,
and the sun has set me free
I want no rites in a gloom filled room
Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little-but not too long
and not with your head bowed low,
Remember the love that we once shared
Miss me - but let me go

For this journey that we all must take
and each must go alone
It's all a part of the Master's plan
A step on the road home.

When you are lonely and sick at heart
Go to the hills we know
And bury your sorrow among the trees
Miss me- but let me go.

take care,


Jerri said...

I can tell from your words the love you have for your dad......even death can't break the bonds of love.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dawn, how precious! You know my Daddy was 75 when he died in 1997. For quite a few years after his death, Mother and I would bake him a birthday cake. I know exactly how ou feel, Dear One!
Thanks for popping in to see me and your kind comments.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

SmilingSally said...

He must have been wonderful to have produced you!

Tracy said...

This is such a sweet tribute, Dawn...the love is just oozing here... ((HUGS))

Beverly said...

I know how much you love and miss your father.

Judi said...

Hi Dawn
Belated birthday wishes...I missed your post yesterday.
I remember your post from last year and it was beautiful too. What a lovely book you have put together. Did you write the poem? Its is beautiful..*hugs*.
I know you as well as I will miss our fathers...forever....*hugs*
This is a lovely tribute...

Becky said...

Very nice tribute to your Dad. I wish they could stay with here on earth forever. Both my parents are gone and I feel so much like an orphan even at my age. It's hard to let them go but I know we must.

geswho40 said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your father, I love it! You lost your Father much too soon, but sharing your memories can be therapeutical and inspirational to the rest of us. Thanks for sharing!

bwgayoso said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad! I absolutely love your album.

Jessica said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for shring!

Jessica ~

Sarah said...

Your album is amazing. I love everything about it.

Come here from Tip Junkie. :)