Monday, March 27, 2006

ABC's and 123's

It must really be frustrating sometimes to be the child of a teacher! Timmy will come home every night and show me his work. Being a typical boy his fine motor skills could stand some improvement. I've been working with him for a long time to get those letters right! If he has had a particular sloppy day, when he gets home I have him practice writing his letter the correct way. Such was our day last Thursday :)

Friday morning as I was walking down the hall his teacher called me aside. She said, "Here's a conversation Timmy and I just had."

Mrs. B : Timmy you've been practicing your handwriting. It looks very nice.

Timmy: Yes, I had to. She made me!

Now, I certainly remember the summer I was in third grade and got a D in handwriting. My mother had me practice my handwriting all summer long! I was not happy! I do admit, however, it is much better now. I am trying to "nip it in the bud"( as Barney Fife would say) with Timmy now so that he doesn't struggle with it for too long.

This spelling test is now residing on the refrigerator HALL OF FAME! I'm proud of my boy!

take care,


debi said...

Good morning, Dawn!
Wow...Timmy's handwriting is excellent!!! I'm very impressed! Maybe that means there's hope for Gray...his spelling is excellent (especially for his age), but his handwriting is atrocious!

Beverly said...

Is being a teacher's child like being the preacher's child?

Tell Timmy I said great job.

Diana said...

YEAH for Timmy.

psssst I do the same thing to my kids too! LOL

Nancy said...

I am impressed with his handwriting! Good job Timmy (and yeah Mom!)