Saturday, March 04, 2006

Half Way to Eight

Halfway to eight. That's what Timmy is today! Ever since he was six months old we have celebrated his half birthday. I remember his first half birthday. We had Mickey Mouse hats, and gave him a rubber hand and foot toy! The stakes are a bit higher now .

This morning he woke up as excited as he does on his birthday. He jumped right in my bed to tell me today was THE day. The anticipation of reaching this new milestone is his life has been with him all week. I think every person he ran into this week heard the story of his half birthday.

He got a couple of things from Rich and me. This afternoon he helped me bake his half birthday cake. We will be enjoying a dinner out at our favorite restaurant, Clancy's and dessert later at home. Timmy asked to put on after shave for the big night. Ahhh, my little guy is growing up!

take care,


Beverly said...

Seven and a half! Wow, Happy Half Birthday, Timmy. It sure looks and sounds as if it was fun.

(You sure are a cutie! And, you look so much like your Mommy.)

Diana said...

Happy birthday day to you! Chaa chaa chaa

Happy birthday to you chaa chaa chaa!

Happy birthday dear Timmy

Happy birthday me some cake!

Dawn what wonderful mom you are and what wonderful memeories you are buidling for Timmy. Each year really is a gift from above!

ingrid said...

Belated Happy 7 1/2 Tim!!! You are such a sweet guy (and a cutie too!!!)

Dawn, You are so sweet to do this. I love the 1/2 b-day tradition - I think it's one of the best I've ever heard of :)

Nancy said...

he's just too cute! Happy 1/2 day!