Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lights Out Tim.....Whatever you say Mom

Yah, right!!! Timmy has NEVER liked going to bed. I remember when he was just a little guy he would fight it with every ounce of energy he had. When he was old enough to sleep in a toddler bed he would get out of bed every night and turn the light on and get back into bed to play. I started putting duct tape over the switch. That didn't make him happy at all. It was just a matter of days before he realized if he stretched just enough he could pull the tape off! Oh, do I remember those battles.
Now he sleeps with his collection of flashlights. He has so many toys in his bed that there is barely enough room for him!!!!
Timmy latest way to spend his evenings (after the lights out warning!) is to get a book and read by flashlight. There is the mommy side of me that wants to say, "turn out the light and go to sleep", but the other side of me that is just so thrilled he is
reading just pretends I don't know it's happening. I sneak peeks into his room and I just swell with pride at how quickly he is learning. It seems like just yesterday he started kindergarten and now he is about to finish first grade. Graduation is right around the corner!

take care,
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Diana said...

I only wish my guys would want to stay up and read. Great for Timmy!

debi said...

Isn't it funny how often they think they've managed to pull one over on us?!!

Beverly said...

Aren't kids cool? I love this story. I used to read by flashlight, too. And I agree, you should be a proud mother.