Thursday, March 02, 2006

SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW!

I think after last year's record snowfall (well, maybe not quite record) we are do to get a snow storm today. I love when it snows. It is such a beautiful sight! As much as I love it, I also love the snow day from school. This year, however, I am really hoping to get out of school a little earlier than last year. I hope we don't get so much that school is closed tomorrow.

On of the hardest parts on anticipating a storm is that the news always focuses on Boston, and the Cape's weather is always different. I just found a wonderful website for the
Cape's weather.

Earlier this week we got a tiny amount of snow. When
I got to school one of the teachers showed me our school garden.
There were animal tracks. It actually looked like they had a bit of a dance party! The odd thing about the tracks is that our school garden is located in a patch of land in the center of the buildings. There is no way in or out expect through the building. The tracks look like raccoon tracks. The only way they could have gotten in is to climb/jump (whatever it is raccoons do!) up and over the roof!

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Nancy said...

Dawn - very cool photo.
We saw many deer tracks outside our window here last winter. Not too many this winter - but then we have not been hit with snow the way you have!

ingrid said...

Great local weather website - thanks Dawn!
I love the animal track picture too. It does look like they were out there partying!
I'm hoping for a good 7-10 for tomorrow BUT I want it to start late tonight so that there is no school tomorrow :)