Sunday, March 19, 2006

Halfway to 1!

Mackenzie is 6 months old today, halfway to one! Wow, where had the time gone? I don't want to be accused of playing favorites. Since we celebrated Timmy's half birthday two weeks ago I need to do the same for Mackenzie. I know Brittainy will be mad at me for starting this with Mackenzie already but can't a grandmother be indulgent? I gave Mackenzie a little stuffed bank (with stuffed coins and bills) for her gift. I had to try not to get carried away.

Britt gave me this picture today. She is so cute!! Don't let Brittainy know I said this, but I'm already looking forward to the next grandchild. She doesn't find humor in me saying that.
Now, watch her do what I did and wait 18 years between children .

take care,


brittainy said...

she is so darn cute! i can't stand it! however, i'm adopting the next one, sorry. all subsequent biological children are the result of temporary amnesia or a written promise of epideral starting in the middle of the third trimester. and since my memory of birth is still VERY vivid, you're only hope is that jay will figure a way to grow and deliver a baby himself, because it just might take me 18 years to forget!

debi said...

Oh Dawn...she is just the cutest!!!
And I agree with you--I strongly believe that it is a grandparent's right to spoil and indulge!

Beverly said...

That is one cute and hip little chic!

Nancy said...

Dawn she is such an adorable little baby! that photo is just too cute!!! Happy 6 Months!!

Diana said...

Dawn, she is such a doll! Wow she has grown up so fast where has the time gone. Thanks for posting these precious photos of McKenzie on you blog.

By the way my half birthday is this month! Ü Just in case you know.