Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I remember Nana

When I was a little girl I used to spend my weekends with my great grandmother. I have so many memories of her. When I was in 4th grade my family went to live with her. I remember every Sunday after church we would have a big Sunday meal. While we had our dinner in the dining room, the pies that Nana made were being heated up on the kerosene stove in the living room.

I used to watch my Nana baking pies. My absolute favorite part was when she made cinnamon rolls with the leftover pie crusts. Not only did they smell wonderful, but they tasted like heaven!!!

Just this past week I took some pie crust out of the freezer (ok, I use the unroll and bake kind!) and made a batch of cinnamon rolls. They will forever remind me of my Nana. She had such an important and memorable roll in my young life. When I was 16 years old she died and I have held on to some of her things ever since. I still have and USE the old rolling pin and cutting board that she made those cinnamon rolls with!!

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debi said...

What precious memories, Dawn! Sounds like you had some wonderful times as a child.
And those cinnamon rolls look simply scrumptious!!!

ingrid said...

Those look yummy!
What great memories of your Nana :)

me said...

Ooooo, I remember leftover piecrust and cinnamon roll ups. What a sweet (pardon the pun) memory - sweeter yet that you have her utensils to make them with.

Margie said...

Just found your blog from 2Peas. Those are wonderful memories you have !! Notice you are from the Cape-we used to go to Dennisport in the summer :) Sure is pretty there!

marcia said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Nana... I love that you still have, and use, her baking utensils!

Beverly said...

Your nana sounds like a wonderful person. This is a beautiful tribute.

Aren't grandmothers wonderful? I hope my grandson will have such fond memories of me.

I wouldn't mind some cinnamon rolls and a cup of coffee just about now.

~**Dawn**~ said...

when my Gram would bake a pie she would take a small pie pan & lay the leftover crust in it. she would sprinkle it with cinnamon & sugar, cut it into bite-sized pieces & then bake it with the pie. my Gramp always called them "tarvees" (no idea why lol...) & i swear we would all fight over them! thanks for sharing your memory & reminding me of one of my own. =)

Diana said...

Oh I want some of those too they look so good. I remember things like that from my childhood. How come we didn't die from eating the things we did? LOL

Nancy said...

my mouth is drooling!!! yummy!
can you make some for the OT board? LOL