Saturday, March 18, 2006


Yesterday Timmy came home from school with grand plans of catching a leprechaun. We didn't have time with company coming to actually make a trap. If you catch a leprechaun he has to give you his pot of gold. However, Timmy decided on the next best thing. Instead of trapping a leprechaun he would simply "bribe him" and ask for gold. Last night after our company had left Timmy came up with a plan. He placed a yardstick up to the table so the wee little leprechaun could climb up and reach the treats he had left for him. He left him a note asking for some gold.

Ok, so now I'm in a bit of a pickle!! Fortunately, the tooth fairy and I are close and there was a bit of gold in the house to begin with. That leprechaun must have been taken by the generosity of the crackers and gummy worm and left the gold for Tim.

This morning he came barging into our room full of the joy of discovery. That leprechaun had left him some gold. Not only the gold was left behind though. My kitchen floor was covered in gold glitter!!!!! I told Timmy I was not pleased because I had just cleaned the floor the night before. We have decided next year to leave out the broom and dust pan so any leprechaun that finds his way into our home can clean up after himself!

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Beverly said...

I just love this story. That Timmy has lots of good ideas. I wish he had let me know about this one ahead of time. I would have put out goodies, too.

debi said...

Oh my gosh--that is just too cute! Very clever kiddo!
Gray (age 5) somehow got it in his head that leprachauns are evil (instead of just mischevous) and spent the whole day asking if St. Patty's Day was almost over (this is the first time he's ever been anxious for bedtime!).
So how was your cornbeef and cabbage?

Nancy said...

oh Dawn this is such a cute story!
I hope you will also scrap this! that's the good thing about blogging - we can come back later and copy what we wrote!

brittainy said...

ohmigod mom that's so dorky.

Rebecca said...

OMG! You have got to be THE coolest Mom on the PLANET!!!!!!! That is so awesome! I have to write this down and make sure I start this with my little ones next year!!!

Diana said...

Dawn you and Timmy are both just to cute!