Friday, March 10, 2006

Three years ago....

I remember so well. We were having a turkey dinner that Sunday night and I was running late so I gave Timmy his bath early. He complained about his neck hurting. During dinner he complained of his neck hurting. He went to bed complaining (and crying) about his neck hurting. He woke up at 10:00 complaining and crying that his neck was hurting. I called the Dr. who sent us to the ER. That night they sent us home with a prescription for a stiff neck. The next day he was still crying about his neck hurting. He had a fever and couldn't stop crying. We went back to the ER and 7 hours later (and many tests later) he was in an ambulance heading to Boston to Children's hospital. Rich and I joined him in Boston. We spent 8 long days in ICU with him. There were some very scary moments. I remember the most frightening day of my life was when Rich and I were taken into a small room with the doctors who told us that there was the possibility that Timmy could die. He was very sick. They had so many teams of doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with him. I stayed by his side in the ICU each day and night. I remember the day there were about 10 doctors over him trying everything they knew how to do to help. His blood pressure had dropped so low! The poor boy was on massive antibiotics and morphine. They finally decided that he had a retropharyngeal abscess with Mediastinitis.

After about six days he stared improving and they decided he didn't need to be as sedated as he was. I remember when they "woke" him up he turned to me with tears in his eyes and mouthed the word "momma" to me. I still get so emotional thinking of that. When he was taken out of the ICU the poor boy started going through morphine withdrawal. He was released from the hospital and sent home with IV antibiotics.

About a week after we got home he started getting very sick again so we went back to Children's Hospital and after many days they discovered that he had allergies to the antibiotics that he was on.

It was the most heart wrenching time of my life!! I know that all my friends and family (even people I didn't know) who were praying for Timmy played such an important part of his recovery.

It's been three years and he is such a healthy boy now and quite the funny boy at that. Today we were driving to school and I told him that he was handsome. A minute later he said, "so I got all the looks" and Brittainy got everything else!".

I can't imagine my life without him. He fills my heart with such joy!!

take care,


Beverly said...

Oh, Dawn. Your story just gave me chills and made me smile - both at the same time.

I went through some very scary times with my son, too. I know how awful it is to think you are going to lose them.

I am so thankful for the wonderful outcome for Timmy and your family. God is good.

Tell him that I think he got good looks and a whole lot more.

Hugs from me to you.

me said...

Oh my, Dawn - how terribly frightening. I'm so glad your little guy recovered and brings you such joy.

ingrid said...

Dawn, I know how much Timmy means to you and what a blessing he is to your family. I can only begin to imagine what a horrible ordeal that was for you guys.
The power of prayer is amazing and so is the love of a mom.

marcia said...

Dawn Thanks for sharing your story... I can't imagine what those days must've been like for your family.... It's amazing what prayers and a mother's love can do, with a little help from the medical community ;)

Tell Timmy I think he got the "whole package"...looks, personality AND charm ;)

Nancy said...

oh Dawn! I never knew that you had gone through this with your dear sweet son! I am so grateful that God watched over him!
I've got a soft spot for his freckles you know!

debi said...

Oh my. This is the first time I've ever been to your blog. What a heart-wrenching chapter of your life I was priviledged to read about. I'm all teary-eyed, both over the pain and agony you've been through and over the complete and utter joy you must feel every day to have that little cutie there with you!
Take care!

Brianna said...

Oh wow, Dawn! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

P.S. I wish today were a snow day, but it's spring break so there's no school anyway. Offices are open and since I'm the receptionist, I'm here all day...3 hours and 45 minutes to go.

Diana said...

Gosh Dawn I remember those days well. I am so gald that they are behind you and your family and that Timmy will grow up to know how God protected and brought him through this time.