Saturday, March 25, 2006

Looking Out My Back Door

Timmy spends a lot of time at the kitchen table creating with PlayDoh. The other day he came to get me to tell me to quietly go with him into the kitchen. We looked out the back door and saw this bird just sitting on the deck. All my years of calling Timmy to come take a peek at nature, while being as quiet as possible, has paid off. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of this bird through the kitchen door.

I'm not even going to pretend to even try to guess what kind it is. I'm no good at that. If you know, I'm happy to learn from you.

A few weeks back Timmy's first grade class was learning about winter birds. I sent Timmy to school with a picture of a blue jay I had taken. Timmy came home to tell me that Mr. B, the science teacher, informed him that my bird was not a blue jay. Hey, the bird was blue! What was I supposed to think :)

take care,


debi said...

Wow Dawn--what a great photo!!! Afraid I can't help you identify it, but I'll bet my hubby can. I'll have him take a look-see after he gets out of the shower.
And by the way, in case you haven't seen the comments I've made to some of the comments you left me, I want to thank you again for the things you said to Annie. You made one little girl mighty happy!!! And she left a comment back to you on her blog, too.

debi said...

Hi again, Dawn. Well, the hubby said it's a house sparrow. He really knows his birds (of course, he is a biologist). Me, they have to be pretty distinct for me to identify them.
Have a good one!

ingrid said...

Great picture Dawn! (I need you to give me some photography lessons!) Too funny about the blue jay :)

Beverly said...

Awesome picture. Did Timmy's teacher tell you what kind of bird was in the picture he took to school? Maybe a bluebird?

I am glad you and Timmy shared this special moment.

Diana said...

Again I am amazed at the beautiful photos that camera is giving you. Can I use it for our Disneyland trip this summer LOL Ü

We had four deer in our neighborhood last week in a vacant lot DH and I saw them while we were on our "We got to shed some pounds walk"