Friday, June 06, 2008

10 days and counting

There are ten days left of school (counting today)! I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time! Yesterday was our field day and it was such a nice, easy laid back day. I want the last ten days to feel the same way! I will be boring you with my countdown until it is done so bear with me!

I tried calling the doctor's office again yesterday and again only got voice messages. The second time I called I left a message that said please leave me a message and let me know when an actual person will be at the desk to answer the phone. I am really getting frustrated because I've left several messages and no one has called me back!!!!!!

I called Britt today and she told me that she got an appointment for Jack. He's having a little surgery. He's tongue tied and nursing is becoming an issue. He'll have the surgery on the 16th of the June. Poor little thing!

Tonight we are having a private retirement party for my friend Kathie. She'll get the framed picture tonight. I am looking forward to a fun evening with friends.

take care,


Beverly said...

Ten and counting - hopefully the days will flow pleasantly past.

Don't give up on the appointment. It sounds like it is time to call the main number and make an "issue".

Poor little buddy. I hope he will have an easy recovery.

Have fun tonight.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Dawn, thanks for being so faithful to check out my post each day when you are so busy. I really enjoy your comments.

Keep counting, summer is so close. You can get re-charged. I don't know how you do so much.

I hope jack will be ok. I wonder what they do to fix that problem. Keep us posted.

Enjoy your night out. Take care, Jeanne

Debi said...

Ahh, poor little Jack!

10 days! You must be ecstatic! You all are finishing up a bit before we do here. Despite how happy you'll be to get a break, I'll bet it's bittersweet saying goodbye to another bunch of kids, huh?