Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat Wave

Oh my, it is so HOT!! For those of you who are used to it I don't know how you do it? It was about 88º yesterday with the same expected for today. That is exceptionally warm for Cape Cod in the beginning of June. It was simply brutal at school yesterday. There was no breeze even with the window wide open! Everyone was hot and uncomfortable. I taught the kids how to make paper fans today. We spent the day working with the lights out to keep it cooler (even if it was only in my mind LOL!). I have two fans in my car to bring to school tomorrow in hopes that it will offer some relief!

I had a meeting in the superintendent's office yesterday morning. They had AC it was wonderful. Later in the day I had another meeting in our school's office and they also have AC. The teachers and the 700 children suffered in the heat. One of the mother's brought some Popsicles for the kids in our class at the end of the day. The hardest part for me was knowing that I have central air at home and if I were here I would have been so much more comfortable.

I think today is the last day of the expected heat wave. PHEW!

take care,


Beverly said...

It seems the administration doesn't have their priorities in order. A typical administrative issue.

Stay cool. But, don't come down here. It's even hotter, and we don't have a breeze.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

We are burning up here in Mississippi...and it is humid too. I like your blog...I'm a little partial to teachers! LOL

Debi said...

I think one way they do in the south is that lovely little invention called air conditioning. I feel for you...it's been in the low-to-mid-90s here since Friday. It's bad enough here at home, but sheesh...I was in the elementary school yesterday and today just for half an hour or so and it was just unbearable! Don't know how you survived! Hope relief is fast approaching for you! (We're due thunderstorms and much cooler temperatures starting this evening.)