Monday, June 02, 2008

No mother of the year award for me today!

Rich and Tim went camping this weekend. Tim went Friday night only and Rich went until today. I let Tim sleep with me on Saturday and Sunday night. They must have had a great time camping on Friday. Sunday morning after Tim had already been sleeping 11 hours I woke him up so he'd be able to fall asleep at bed time.
Last night Tim woke up about 2 am and proceeded to just move around so much that I couldn't get back to sleep. He kept telling me he was shivering. I did have the window open but I was still hot. Finally he got up and went on the couch.
This morning after I got ready for school he was trying to tell me that he was sick. I told him he only had allergies and he was going to school...and that was that!
Then, I felt his head and he was really warm so I took his temperature. It was 101ยบ. I felt badly for not believing him. The poor boy was really sick! I am keeping him home tomorrow too. Wednesday his class is taking a field trip to the Cape Cod Canal and I don't want him to be too sick to go!
My poor boy!
take care,


Debi said...

Try not to beat yourself up too much, Dawn! But I do know how you feel. Not too terribly long ago I got a call from the school nurse that Max had a fever of 102 degrees. He'd only been at school for an hour, so it seems unlikely that he didn't have at least some fever before I sent him. I felt just awful!

Sure hope Tim's feeling much better by now! And I hope he has fun on his field trip!

Jeanne said...

Dawn, every mom has been through the same thing. You never know with kids. Our son was playing baseball and he slid in on the base and fell, He came up holding his wrist and we are on the bleachers yelling "shake if off, you'll be alright. Yep, it was broken. The poor thing played the rest of th game. We felt awful.

Hope he feels better and has fun on his field trip.

Take care and don't despair, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Don't feel too bad, we've all done the same thing.

And, I know that you are a wonderful mother and grandmother.

And, friend, too. ;-)