Monday, June 16, 2008

Indiana Jones

I don't recall watching a complete Indiana Jones movie when they first came out 25 years ago. What is it about having kids that makes everything old new again? Tim is hooked on the movies. We've bought the first three from the '80's and I told him that I would take him to see the movie this summer when school is out. (I have some movie passes to use up!).

I've watched the first one with him and I actually enjoyed it. I still have the other two to watch before we can go to the movies.

As is typical of Tim, he is no collecting all things Indiana Jones. In the past it has been Batman, Spider man, the Hulk, Star get the idea.

This past week I bought him an Indiana Jones Lego set. Why are they SO EXPENSIVE? I practically had to mortgage the house last year to get him the Star Wars Legos. At least there aren't as many for Indiana Jones.

Last week while we were grocery shopping Tim got a rubber snake and used it as a whip until it got a knot in it. Now he has a toy Indiana Jones whip, complete with sound.


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Beverly said...

Too funny, Dawn. You go, Timmy.

Being the mother of a son, I have been exposed to Indiana Jones since the beginning. But, I am not certain that until just recently I actually tried to watch the entire movie(s). Our family has gone to see the new one. I just don't like creepy things like bugs, snakes, etc., but I don't mind looking at Harrison Ford.

Jeanne said...

Dawn, You have the best way of writing. I have a lot of fun reading your posts. This is a winner. We love Indiana Jones!!

Thanks for visiting my post. I am surprised by the comments of people never seeing cherries growing. who knew? smile!

Love ya, jeanne

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Dawn,
I tagged you for a post on your 5 favorite things. Hope you don't mind. Thanks!

Debi said...

I've never seen a single one of those movies. I really need to crawl out of my cave more often, don't I?