Monday, June 30, 2008


For several days last week I noticed that right across the street from the apartment my mother lives in, it has looked like a carnival was being set up. I found it unusual to see it being held in the parking lot of the Catholic church. I have lived in this town for more than forty years and have never seen anything in the parking lot except for cars!

When Crystal and Tim saw it of course they wanted to go. Now, mind you, this was a very SMALL carnival. There were five rides, about just as many games and two food stands. It took lot of coaxing but we finally got Tim to go on a ride. You can see by this picture that he was pretty nervous before the ride started.

By the time it was over he was smiling and enjoying himself. He liked it so much that he went on it three times total. (I think given the options of the other rides he felt safe with this one.). Tim wrote about it on his blog. My boy is a man of few words but he would like people to visit his blog. He thinks that since his sister, his niece and his nephew all have a blog he should have one as well. (I moderate it though!!!)

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

What great pics. I love how you captured the facial expressions!

I can't believe you have so many people in your family with blogs. Everyone here thinks I'm crazy for doing a blog!

Beverly said...

Looks like fun. I visited Tim's blog yesterday.

When is the new part for the computer supposed to be there?

Debi said...

Great pictures, Dawn! And how cool that Tim has his own blog now! I went and visited...he's doing a great job with it!

Britt said...

i like the third pic best. something about setting up a carnival in a parkinglot seems so unsafe to me. (like the mall carnival LOL!) i'm too chicken for such fun. plus $4 per ride!!!!!

Jan & Tom's Place said...

Great pics!! Looks like everyone had a good time. Glad to know you moderate Tim's blog.

Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving that delightful comment.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello; I think the picture of your son is too special. What a face. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

Have a good week.