Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 days and counting

After today there will be six days left of school. Hopefully today the heatwave will break like expected! Today is the day the children have been waiting for for weeks. We are having a pizza party in the classroom!!!! Instead of lunch in the cafeteria we are ordering from a local pizza restaurant. I told the children that Mrs. M (our wonderful assistant) and myself would take their order and serve them!!! It is one of the most fun days of the year!!!
Today the kindergarten teachers are supposed to begin making our incoming class list. We are all assigned a group of children to make "cards" for based on their birthdays. I was working on mine last night when I realized that I did not "sort" the spreadsheet correctly and all the birthdays were WRONG. I had to call all the teachers (who luckily are also my friends) and tell them that I had made a m-m-m-m-m-mistake (that word doesn't come out easily!) and all the info was wrong. I'm so lucky that they are nice ladies as they all were very forgiving of my error!!!
Oh, I finally was able to leave a message with the doctor's office to let them know what days I would be available for an appointment. I hope to come home today with a message that includes a new appointment.
take care,


Jeanne said...

Dawn, I just wrote you a very long comment and messed up so it didn't go through. sigh I thought I got to you first but alas, no, you must have been writing me at the same time.:)

Basically I was telling you I was counting down too. My company is leaving on Friday. They will have been here 10 days. I love them, but I'm tired. We have fun but nothing else gets done.

Have a wonderful pizza day. It sounds like you have a terrific support group in your school. Thats great in todays working world.

Love ya, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Aaak!!! Life as I know it just changed dramatically. You made a mistake!!!! And, I have it in writing!!!!

I better call Ingrid.


Debi said...

Oh, I bet the kids are excited! Even Max, who hates pizza, loves pizza party days at school. Have fun!