Friday, June 20, 2008

School's out for SUMMER!!!!!

YAY!!!! I got home just about 5:00 last night completely finished! I am done for the summer! Well, kind of. I'm going to two workshops next week :) This was the first year I did less than a stellar job packing though. I tend to go overboard with organizing everything into a tote. This year I didn't. I also didn't get some things washed out that I usually do. That will wait until September.

Tim was just thrilled to tell me who he got for a fourth grade teacher. I passed him in the hall and he ran out of recess line to tell me who his teacher was and who was in his class. (The perks of having your mom work at your school!) He shared his report card with me and he did a FABULOUS job on it. I am very pleased and proud of him. The only area of some concern was problem solving in math! I don't know too many adults who can do that well. LOL! It's hard to believe my little boy is going into fourth grade! I guess little might not be the correct word. Tim brought home a paper that described him in the fall and again in the spring. He's grown 2 inches and is now 58 inches tall. That's two inches from 5 feet!! I've only got 6 inches on him and he's still 9 years old!

Well, I guess I should go check on the blogs I have been neglectful of these last few days. :)

take care,


Debi said...

Congratulations on another wonderful school year completed, Dawn! You should be very proud of yourself!

And woohoo Timmy! Good job on that report card!

Did you all go out to celebrate?

Jeanne said...

Yeah, schools out, my grandkids are happy too. Tim will absolutely be taller than you. smile! Have a wonderful summer, and I will talk to you,via blogging, in a week. I am posting something each day that I am gone. Come take a look>

Love ya, Jeanne

Beverly said...

I'm doing the happy dance with you, and the two of us are a sight.

You go, Tim. I know you are a great guy.

kenzie said...

way to go tim!! holy growth spurt