Monday, June 09, 2008

Photos, photos and more photos

Last night I sorted out 762 photographs that I have taken in my classroom all year. On the last day of school I give the children a gift and part of that is a photo album of all of the pictures of them that I have taken all year. I take pictures of the children on the first day we meet and then several times a week throughout the year. I try to include special events as well as every day events. I have pictures of them playing on the playground the first day of school, pajama day, the 100th day of school when they each put on a wig and glasses to look 100 years old, pictures of their egg drop inventions, eating green eggs and ham, a picture of each child with me on their birthday wearing their birthday crowns, Chinese New Year food tasting, decorating gingerbread cookies, erupting their get the idea. I want them to remember their kindergarten year always. I hope it becomes a treasure.

I took pictures during field day last week that I need to develop. I also want to get a picture for their Father's Day frames.

As I said earlier I take pictures of them on the first day of school. Every month they draw a picture of themselves next to a tree and we put them to together in a book to go home in June. The book ends with a picture of them on the last week of school.

I've got my camera ready to head to school this morning for the next go round of pictures.

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Beverly said...

You are without a doubt the most amazing teacher I have ever known. These will become the most treasured pictures. I remember all of my teachers names with the exception on kindergarten. The only thing I remember about kindergarten is graduation.

Kudos to you for caring and giving so much.

Debi said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn! That is the most amazing, most thoughtful, most special gift I can imagine! No, I take that are the most amazing gift those children ever got! You most definitely are one of those incredible above-and-beyond kind of teachers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart...because what you do makes this world a better place!

Jeanne said...

Dawn, as a teacher, YOU ROCK! What a great memory for those children to save. Taking pictures of all those kids must be a hoot.

I hope you are feeling better. How do you keep going?

Thanks for visiting my post this morning. Come back for another look, I was still adding something I think you will enjoy.

Take Care, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Dawn, here is where I read about the photo challenge.