Monday, April 03, 2006


Several years ago a friend gave me my first Willow Tree angel. It was an angel playing a guitar. My second angel came when Timmy was very ill a couple of years ago. This is the angel that the same friend gave me. When I look at this Angel's Embrace I don't see the statue. I see my sick little boy being held and comforted back to health. I received another angel that same time period from a coworker. My daughter also brought an angel to the hospital when her little brother was sick.

My dad died three years before Timmy was born and never meet his only grandson. I remember when Timmy was lying in the hospital bed in the ICU I had the most overpowering feeling that my father was standing over him.

I love these angels and am reminded of the power of friendship, love and family whenever I see one of these Willow Tree creations.

take care,


Diana said...

What a great post Dawn, Thanks for the gentle reminder that each day we are not doing this thing called life alone.

Beverly said...

Dawn, that is so sweet. I have grown to love these angels, too. I gave my son the one of the father and son.

Thanks for sharing their meaning to you.

~**Dawn**~ said...

i collect angels too. my father & grandmother started my collection for me. i have some of my grandmother's angels now. =)

debi said...

I've always thought those angels were so beautiful. Now every time I see one, I'll be reminded of you and the comfort they bring you. Always nice to have something extra to smile about!

Lizz said...

I love Willow Tree, and that one is so precious!

Nancy said...

Oh Dawn! what a precious post.
I just discovered these (at Cracker Barrell of all places) a few months ago. they really are beautiful!

Janis aka silver41 said...

I remember when Timmy was sick, I had left a message on the board at ScrapJazz looking for you. The date on the post is March 16th, 2003. I know this is the time he was either home sick or in the hospital. I had just met you on SJ but was very concerned for you & your ds.
I was just looking back at some old posts I left on the board today & one of my first posts was looking for you, during that time......I'm so glad he is ok & it all worked out fine.
Just thought I'd mention that.

Your SJ friend, silver41 aka Janis

Janis aka silver41 said...

I forgot to mention that I also collect Angels!! I have a curio cabinet full of them.