Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday (a few days late again!)

Stuff Portrait Friday: April 21st, 2006 - Your Initials

1. Kristine - K - I'm going to take a picture of something that starts with a K - You take your first initial and take a picture of something...

2. Middle initial - Yep, now take a picture of something that starts with your middle initial

3. Last name initial - Yes it's this easy!

Ok, so I'm late again doing this. My pictures aren't very creative but if I wait to long to figure something out it will never get done.

D is for Dawn and Daffodil

M is for Marie and Mackenzie, my granddaughter that I had for the week. This was a bit shadowy but it'll have to do.

K is for my last name and King Kong

I enjoy doing these. I am glad I found this site :)

take care'


me said...

Great photos, Dawn!

I was going to do this this week and totally didn't! Duh! Maybe next week. I need to get better with the camera.

Dawn said...

this was my 1st week doing spf, and i had so much fun.

besides our 1st names being the same, we have the same middle inital, too :)

debi said...

Great photos, Dawn!

Heather said...

i didn't end up playing last week. just plain ran out of time. i'll be back on board this week though!

and just LOOK at those *cheeks*!! you must just eat her up!! =)

~**Dawn**~ said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!! that last comment was ME!! i was logged in as my best friend doing some template maintenance for her & forgot...until i saw her photo come up with my comment & thought "hmmmm...i know they say you start to look more & more like your spouse or your best friend over time but THIS is a bit ridiculous!" LOL!!!

Nancy said...

great photos!!!! it sounds like a fun thing to play!