Friday, April 21, 2006

Remembering Ilyse

I met Ilyse through my friend Becky. Becky and Ilyse met teaching on Nantucket and became the best of friends. Becky only had wonderful things to say about Ilyse. It was a pleasure having her become one of our circle of friends.

After knowing her for a while Ilyse became sick. I remember how Becky rallied around her to help her through it. Ilyse was here on the Cape with no family. Becky was the one to see her through her illness many times over.

Ilyse had been battling brain cancer for years. We knew Ilyse through her last two bouts of surgeries and treatments. It seemed that each time she would bounce back, albeit with some challenges. It was last January that Becky called me to say Ilyse was not doing well this time around and they had only given her a few more weeks to live. I remember not only feeling the sadness I had for Ilyse but also for Becky. Ilyse was like a sister to her. My heart ached doubly.

Ilyse went to live with her parents in Florida soon after this diagnosis. Becky remained a true friend and visited often and shared her tears and laughter with Ilyse and us, her friends at school. This past September Ilyse passed away just shy of her 40th birthday. We all lost a dear friend. After Ilyse's memorial service a friend of hers sent Becky some daffodil bulbs to pass to all of Ilyse's friends here on the Cape to plant in her honor and memory.

The daffodils I planted have bloomed. Just the other day I was cleaning out all of the leaves from the flower bed, having a conversation with Ilyse. Letting her know she has not been forgotten. I will always remember Ilyse!

take care,


debi said...

What a truly wonderful idea...all her friends planting bulbs to honor her! What a heart-wrenching story. I am so sorry for your loss!

Diana said...

Dawn what a touch memeory you share with the rest of us. There are such good people scratter thoughout this world.

What a wonderful idea with the flower bulbs. As a yearly memeory of this specail person who touched your world and made a difference .

me said...

Oh, Dawn, what a heartbreaking story. I'm so sorry.

The memory bulbs are a beautiful idea - what better way to remember someone's life than to witness a rebirth each Spring in her honor.

Thank you for sharing such a personal memory.

Nancy said...

Dawn I am so sorry that you lost your friend. What a beautiful tribute to her you have written, and what a wonderful gesture to have planted daffodils in her honor!