Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday a day late!

I found this on Dawn's blog and decided to give it a try...a day late nonetheless!

Your Peeps - introduce us to some of your friends outside of the blog world.

These are not so much my peeps as they are the "people" who are all over my house!

Something Fuzzy

This picture is about 6 months old of my dear sweet granddaughter. Look at her darling fuzzy head!

Something/Someone you want to dye/die - Yeah, shut up, you've thought of it!

Need I say more!

I think I will try this more often it was fun!

take care,



~**Dawn**~ said...

i really like this photography challenge. i've been doing it for about a month now & i don't always get it posted on Friday either but that's ok. ;-)

baby is beautiful! =)

debi said...

WoW Dawn...what fabulous photos!!! Love that "superhero" one! And your grandbaby...gorgeous, gorgeous angel, and gorgeous, gorgeous photo! You are really talented with your camera!