Friday, April 14, 2006

A *Hole* lot of fun

Imagine coming home from work just days before Easter and seeing your back yard look just like this! We have had septic problems for a while and I've been going through the steps I need to in order to have the work done. But I wasn't expecting them here this week. I was actually going to call to see if there was a time frame they could give me to let me know when they would arrive. I guess I don't need to make that phone call now! I am happy that it is getting done and that hopefully, it will be completed before next week, which happens to be my vacation from school.

I'm really wondering how the Easter Bunny is going to hide eggs in this mess!

take care,


debi said...

Good morning, Dawn!
Doesn't look like much fun! But I'm sure you'll be glad to have it taken care of.
Hope you all have a super fantastic Easter!!!

me said...

Ewww, bummer! Hope it all gets fixed and the mess goes away real quick. Nothing worse than septic problems!

Happy Easter to you! :)