Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How do you like it?

Coffee that is! I remember being in my early twenties drinking a cup of instant coffee with as much sugar as I could get into the cup. Oh and I felt like such a grown up! Now, I'd rather go without than to drink instant! I just love a cup of coffee. My favorite is Honey Dew. . . cream no sugar! I hear all this talk about Starbucks but there isn't one around here. I'd really like to try that sometime.

Why is it when you make coffee at home it just never tastes as good as when you get it out? I've even tried buying Honey Dew's coffee and it just isn't the same. I'm not a big fan of flavored coffee but I have discovered that if I add a couple of shakes of ground cinnamon to the coffee it makes a world of difference. If I really want a "good" cup I add a little Pampered Chef cinnamon to the grounds.


take care,


~**Dawn**~ said...

i feel like such a freak. i don't drink coffee at all! i consume so few caffienated beverages (*maybe* 1 Pepsi every 6-8 weeks!) that a cup of coffee makes me so jittery i go insane!

Diana said...

Russian Tea drinker here!

me said...

Coffee - my drink of choice. Love the stuff! Try some "funny" coffee sometime after dinner - kahlua, Irish mist, cream - yummy!

debi said...

Ooooh, I'm with with a little Baileys. Mmmm. But probably not a wise choice for first thing in the morning. Loved it with Fat Free French Vanilla Coffeemate, till I made myself give it up for my 101 list (figured that was way too many calories a day). So now I'm back to black, and having a tough time adjusting.
By the way, what's Honey Dew?

Dawn said...

I try to drink mine with a mixture of half and half and fat free half and half. I just can't do all fat free.

Debi, Honey Dew is a local chain coffee store (like Dunkin Donuts...but better in my opinion!

take care,

Beverly said...

I like mine strong and black.